Give me the strength to…

Since Parent/Teacher Conferences were yesterday, the fridge is full (literally) of goodies.  I had a hard time fitting my lunch in.  Casseroles, meatballs, brownies, cookies, cakes, fruit, pasta, etc, etc, etc.  Everything bad for me.

Today, I will eat my pre-packed snacks and lunch and not the leftovers from last night.

Also, a question…  my groin.  It hurts.  I want to ice it, except that it would be weird to put an ice pack on my vagina considering I work at a high school.  And after school, I am running the Volleyball scoreboard.  Sooo…  I’m not gonna be icing it.  I did put Tiger Balm on it.  (Another thing not to do when you’re working in a school.  The surrounding areas…ah… “tingle” as well…  *blushes*)  And I took some advil.  I’m gonna see if my doctor will call in some muscle relaxors for me for tonight.

My question is…  Spin Class in the morning.  I haven’t been since last Wed.  I have done no extra-derby exercise since last Wed.  I really need to go, esp. considering my endurance issues.  But…I don’t want to aggravate it.  So…  To spin or not to spin?  Tomorrow. ?

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