Oh, Snap! an Identity Crisis, and a Reality Check.


  • Frosted Mini-Wheats, Milk, Coffee, Sugarfree-Vanilla non-creamer
  • Protein Chewy Bar, Enormous Honey Crisp Apple
  • Greek Yogurt and Granola/fruit, Ham and Cheddar w/ olive oil mayo
  • Avocado, Spinach, Tomato salad w/ Dill, balsamic, olive oil, Luna Bar, Milk
  • Milk


  • Misto-loves-us-more-than-Die League Practice
  • Cont-y Scrimmage Drills for 30 mins

I had a difficult epiphany last night.  You know when you’re a kid and your parents are “disappointed in you” and they don’t even yell at you and it’s worse than if they’d just go ballistic?  Yeah, well.  I was “Pippi’d.”  Misto had us skate 100 laps in a pace line.  My back started killing me around 50-60.  I struggled to keep up, and while I did not drop out and sit down, I did drop back and let the line lap me twice.  And it was obvious I was struggling.  Pippi may have pointed that out.  And when I offered my (legitimate) excuses, she said, “No excuses: you are a jammer for The Contenders.  You should be able to skate 100 laps, and that wasn’t even a fast pace.  Work on your endurance.”

To which the teen-age rebel in me wanted to respond “fine, I’ll just block then.”  But the truth is…  Pippi is right.  On the bright side: I was not winded even a little.  So that half of my endurance is improving.  It was my back.  It was aching so much.  Then I managed to develop, pop, and irritate a new blister on my foot, which is really what did me in.  I dealt with it for a while, but finally I let up.  😦

So anyway, that was… disappointing and a reality check.  And it has me back to the whole blocker?  jammer?  Question.  I’m pretty sure that dilemma was before TBT…  I was ready to settle in and focus on just blocking, and give up jamming.  I’m not that fast.  But when I mentioned it to Cruelie, she said it is not time for me to focus on one or the other yet.  So I haven’t.  She also said work on hip hits when blocking and my stride when jamming.  Then I was waiting for my new skates to focus on my stride.  Now I’m waiting for my feet to adjust…  prolly time to work on stride, huh?  So many things to work on.

Anyway, we’re almost at the halfway point of this TBT.  My reality check happens now, though.  Maybe I look okay, maybe I’m not getting winded as much, but…

  • I am not drinking enough water
  • I am not doing any ab work or lifting (I need to do ab work to strengthen my core and improve my endurance in terms of my back trying to murder me.)
  • I am eating too many calories almost every day

Not sure how I feel about the calories.  I’m stuck around 154/155 (about 7-8lbs below the start of TBT.)  But I’ve been here a week or 10 days or so.  My goal was to be closer to 150 than 160… do I push it and try to hit 150?   I’m eating healthy.  Looking at my food yesterday, the things that pushed me over were: cheese and mayo on my sammie at lunch, and the avocado in the afternoon (I knew this then, but I ate it anyway because I wanted the potassium for my sore muscles.)  And truthfully… if I’m trying to instill good habits here… I am.  Is it realistic to forego mayo and cheese in my future?  I don’t think so.  Anyway.  I’m totally “meh” today.  Ponderous.

In other news–they hired me an assistant.  Yay.  She will be fantastic.  I am excited to have her, but so worn out, exhausted, and negative about work right now that I hope I can smile and be pleasant for her first day–TODAY.  I’m annoyed they made today her first day w/o telling me.  I’m annoyed that I had to leave my Student of the Quarter in the hands of my colleagues at SotQ breakfast this morning so that I could supervise the library.  I’m annoyed that my assistant is only going to work 6 hours a day, and that in the future I will still have to leave things like SotQ.  I really need someone 8 hours.  But 6 is better than none, I guess, right?  I’m just soooo crank-ass and negative.  UGHHHHH.  Fall Break, baby.  Just around the corner.


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