Tuesday Food:

  • Frosted Mini Wheats, 1% milk, Coffee, Sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Apple, Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bar
  • Zucchini Mushroom pasta, Fuze
  • Barbecue Pork Chops, Salad (w/ zucchini, mixed baby greens, red pepper, tomatoes, cilantro, dill, and honey mustard dressing,) Ginger Quinoa w/ Green Beans
  • Glass of red wine
  • Cranberry Juice.  Lots.  Full sugar.  😦

Tuesday Exercise:

  • Short walk w/ Reilly

Wednesday Food:

  • Frosted Mini Wheats, 1% milk
  • Gatorade G2, Luna Bar (Chocolate Raspberry)
  • Fontina cheese, spinach, mushroom egg white omelette, biscuit, hashbrowns, butter, coffee & half and half
  • Chicken skewers, lowfat cottage cheese w/ pineapple, salad (mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots…  ?? light honey mustard,) 1% milk
  • Glass of red wine

Wednesday Exercise:

  • 5:45am Spin Class
  • 2 hr Derby Practice

Tuesday.  Bleh.  Interviews for my new assistant.  They went well.  Hopefully Monday or Tuesday next week I’ll have a new helper.  We shall see.  Made MVP necklaces for Saturday.  Busy day, pretty stressed out…  Oh.  Was peeing frequently/cloudily so I think I may have a UTI.  Got full sugar cranberry juice (I know, I know, should have hit the non-refrigerator aisle for the light version.  Anyway, drank a bunch of that.  Added a bunch of calories.  😦

Today.  Just what a needed.  Totally relaxing day. Got up when I normally would have to go to spin class.  Fell in love with one of the songs–Nickelback’s “Next Go Round.”  I think it’s about sex, but I totally thought of derby the whole time, and wish I’d heard it yesterday morning so it could be on the poll for our intro song.  Oh well.  Anyway, I like it, and it will forever make me think of Conts now.  The Chris Parente show was fun.  Meeting a couple of DRD girls was cool.  Then us RMRGers got breakfast, which was soooo cathartic.  Just hanging out enjoying ourselves.  I sorta fucked myself on the menu.  I ordered a regular omelette w/ just whites, instead of the egg white omelette w/ cheese.  Why this matters: hashbrowns and a biscuit instead of toast.  And it was cooked in butter instead of… not butter.  I didn’t get sick, though!  Yay!  After breakfast, I went to my parents house… no sense driving home to Castle Rock when I’d just have to turn around and come back, and through shitty debate traffic.  Anyway, it was nice seeing them, they were super excited about our interview, which was so cute, and then my dad and I went to look at stain for their new hardwood floors in his 1929 Roadster… which now that they bought my brother a 2012 jeep it sounds like is soon to be my Roadster…?  We’ll see.  That was cool  And when we got back, my mom had cooked dinner.  So sweet.  It was like 3:45pm.  They’re not “let’s – eat – dinner – at – 3pm – old” so that was really sweet.  They are coming Saturday.  I got them set up w/ VIP seats just so they’ll for sure have seats, and their seats will have backs.  They came to the PM/High City Bout @ the War*house and had a great time even though it was a blow out…  hopefully this will be even more fun for them.  Then practice, now I’m home drinking another glass of wine.  I’m in “chill” mode since yesterday… two days ago?  I felt so hyper-wound up.

Anyway–time for bed.  My Timmy is waiting for me.  🙂


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