Crunch Time


  • Frosted Mini wheats and milk, Triple Venti Skinny Vanilla Late
  • Apple, Cottage Cheese
  • Zucchini Mushroom Pasta, Fuze Slenderize
  • Smoothie–banana, mixed greens, nonfat vanilla yogurt, pom, mixed berries, honey
  • Cliff Shot Bloks, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Lara Bar


  • 1 mile Reilly Walk
  • 2 Hr Derby Practice
  • 1 Hr Derby Scrimmage

I can feel the stress level escalating for all of the Contenders now that our bout is approaching.  They posted DRD’s roster yesterday and I nearly shat myself at the # of MHCers.  Then I talked to Pepa who said it was good they added the MHCers so it won’t be an RMRG blowout…  That’s easy for her to say, since she’s not playing, but still.  She’s probably right.

For me… I need to figure out a way to chill.  Relax.  I’m so hyper-focused that I have fucked up a great many simple things.  For example: I was in the penalty box.  I was released.  The pack was right in front of me.  I was so eager to get with my teammates and block the opposing jammer that I cut the entire other team.  All four black-jersey’d players.  wtf.  I made another rookie mistake, and last night at Cont scrimmage we were a shit show for the first ten minutes or so.  Just didn’t have our shit together.  We got it by the end.

I’ve had a couple of really cool jams.  Sunday, Q was the opposing jammer and she tried to goat me.  First, I got around her, then when she was catching me I hit her and she fell down (OMFG!) I came off the track (pun intended) and Pippi asked if I creamed my panties when that happened.  Then I felt bad giving the jammer panty to the next person b/c I totally had.  And last night, I juked Bob!!!  Of course, I got stuck behind someone else and then she was in front of me… but still.  And, I got by a Pepa, Bob, Q wall, then on my second pass came within a hair of snaking through on the inside line.  (Actually I got through–but then one of them bumped me and I stuck one toe out of bounds–so close.)  It was so BA.  Yes, I know, their season is over, they’re probably not trying that hard, I don’t care.  It was fucking awesome.

So, if I focus on those positives, relax, and have fun…  I’ll be okay.  It’s just that’s easier said than done.

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    sunnyd605 said,

    you’ll do great buddy. you have been working so hard. just play your game and enjoy yourself.

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