Naughty, naughty this weekend.

Yeah, I cheated all weekend.  Go Mean@$$



  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Egg Muffin w/ 1% milk
  • Luna Bar, Banana
  • Smoothie–spinach/baby greens mix, strawberries, 1/2 banana, nonfat vanilla yogurt, pom
  • CHILI & SOUP & BEER & COOKIES & Peanut Butter cereal w/ Reece’s Peanut Butter pieces Rice Crispie Treats
  • Liquor


  • 1hr 15 minute Spin Class
  • 2 hr Derby Scrimmage
  • 1mile Reilly walk

My Chicken Tortilla Soup WON the Chili/Soup Off!  Yay!  So exciting.  Our prize is hosting next year.  … … …



  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Egg Muffin w/ 1% milk & 1/2 banana
  • Cliff Shot Bloks & Gatorade G2
  • Boca Burger (courtesy of Bob Loblaw–<3 that chick), Subway veggie sammie (courtesy of Assaultin’ Pepa & Doc Tuscon–<3 those two), BEER
  • Zucchini Mushroom Pasta, Beer, Wine, Liquor


  • Sunday Scrimmage
  • 1ish mile walk w/ Reilly

So glad so many ppl showed up today!  We played Conts vs the world for two periods, and there were a handful of FCers there so it wasn’t super overwhelming for everyone else–though there were more Conts than World’ers.  I thanked everyone for coming and letting us Conts play together (I’m not trying to be a martyr, here, I just know it’s not always super fun, and hoped everyone knowing how much we appreciated it helped w/ that.)  I enjoyed skating w/ my Conties.  I thought we did pretty well.  Our communication was better than usual, and our awareness.  We certainly have a lot to work on, but it was a good day overall.  Also, I personally played well with some girls I haven’t “connected” with in the past, so that was awesome.  I ❤ being a Cont.  We’re competitive, we’re fun, and well.  Basically we’re the shit.  I’ve never felt more welcome, more part of a team, than my first Contenders bout experience.  All the other Conts were so welcoming, supportive, and.  Well.  Just great.  I ❤ them.

Anyway, I did drink beer twice this weekend.  I ate a shit ton of crap yesterday and loved every minute of it.  Today, I chose a second beer drinking cheat day because Q is leaving, and she invited me over, I love Q, and I will be missing her party Friday b/c I am bouting DRD Saturday (OMFG THAT IS THIS WEEK????!!!!???!)  I don’t feel badly.  I’m doing TBT to improve my derby and my endurance has already improved tremendously.  Consider this a “one month in” celebration.  Cheers to me.  I’m drinking and eating shit this weekend.  But… I still exercised a lot (Spin Sat, plus Scrimmage Sat and Sun.)  And I still ate well except when I was at social events.  So.  Maybe a naughty weekend, but I don’t feel bad.

(Here comes the moment where Frida sees and yells at me…  I may soon feel bad… maybe she won’t read this one…)


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    poipoundher said,

    When looking at the entire picture sounds like your cheats are not thaaaat bad. Seems like you do really good with tbt at the start of your day then, the pandoras box of social situations lure in a temptation that is hard to resist. Gotta live a little : ) Nontheless, you still worked out each day this weekend. Good job for a cheat day!

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