Practice? You talkin’ bout PRACTICE?! We talkin bout practice, not a game… practice.


  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin Sammie, 1% milk, Grande 3x Skinny Vanilla Late
  • Greek Yogurt w/ granola and fruit, Apple
  • Beef  & Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff, Fuze, 1% cottage cheese
  • Almonds, “Mocktail” Seltzer water and & splash ifBlueberry Pomegranate Juice
  • Triscuits with almost no reduced fat cream cheese (nearly out), Smoked Salmon, and Lemon Sage Wild Rice
  • 2 small (for me) glasses of red wine


  • Reilly walk

Oi.  This 4pm business.  It was nearly 5 by the time I got home.  Since it was so late, I’m stressed about the shit piling up, and I forgot I need to prep for the neighborhood Chili/Soup Off that’s Saturday…  I made an executive decision to skip practice.  Woot woot.  Felt so bad for poor Reilly that we went on a decently long walk.  Went to the store for yet more blister/heel slip prevention shit.  I want to take Bob’s advice and get heel booties for ankle stability, but I don’t want to be the douche bag that got low ankled skates to rock ankle booties with them.  Bob pointed out that it would be temporary, til my feeties are used to the skates… either way, I don’t want to be that asshole.  Plus, they’re expensive.  (Anyone have a used pair they don’t need anymore?) By the time I was home, it was 7:30.  Yikes.  Good thing I skipped practice, I guess… … … I’ll go Saturday and still get an extra in…

I’d love to talk about the soup I am making, but there may be spies out there…  suffice it to say that it’s in my crockpots brewing…  it will be delicious.  Two years ago I got second place with a Beer Cheese Brocoli soup.  (Last year I missed b/c I skated at the Fillmore with the Castle Rock ‘n Rollers against RMRG’s Kill Scouts–what a long time ago that was!)  I lost to “man chili” that wasn’t very good… obviously it was good, it won.  It just…  it was sort of “blah.”  Not a very interesting flavor, but it was heartier, manlier than my cheese soup.  This year…  we’ll see.  But my entry has been delish in the past.

I’m not stressed about missing tonight’s extra practice.  It’s sort of like… 1.5-2hrs of drive time for a 1hr scrimmage… I might have gotten there by 7/7:30… but is it worth it?  And rush hour, etc.  Saturday there won’t be traffic, and I get two hours of scrimmage in, so… yeah.  If I had to miss one, tonight was the night.  Also, if I had gone tonight, it would have been 6 days of derby in a row.  Too much.  I may/may not hit the Pub Crawl tonight.  Anyone going?  Bueller?  Anyone?


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