Stressed Out.

OMG my stress factor is approaching the roof.  Stressful life items:

  1. Life
    • Still need to do the bills!
    • Other chores, dishes, my garden, etc.
  2. Work
    • No Assistant = longer, busier hours
    • Longer hours… this whole 4pm thing is seriously effing with my Mojo.
  3. Impending Contenders vs. DRD Fillmore Bout
    • my first fillmore bout
    • my first DRD bout
    • Cont-ing it up (this is very nearly my first Contender bout)
    • Pub Crawl
    • Selling tix, FB updates.
  4. Newbie Insurance
    • We’ve got a new batch of newbs, I’m in charge of their insurance, and I have a folder full of forms and $$$ that I’ve yet to glance at (since Monday.)
  5. Skates, skates, skates.
    • They are still not perfect.  It’s those damn ankles.  I tried heel cups yesterday, and we were doing stops and sprints the opposite direction.  Every time my heel came up (halfway out of the boot), and when it went back down it smushed the heel cups.  So I took them out.  It was fine.  I rubbed a “Friction Stick” on my feet to prevent blisters, and heavily taped where I already have blisters.  That seemed to work ok.  But the heels. Fuck.
    • What am I going to do about my heels slipping out of the boots?  I’m thinking I’ll get these other kind of heel things today, but when  am I going to have time to go to Walgreen’s to get them since I’m working til 4 and want to get to practice tonight?  Ugh, ugh ugh.

I don’t know if it’s the bout, the longer hours, no assistant, or what, but seriously.  Shit’s starting to wear on me.  I want to go to Thursday and Saturday practice this week.  Because of the upcoming bout and my new skates.  But I need to work til 4, which has me home at 4:30 (I usually leave for practice at 4:45,) I need to walk Reilly, and I need to get the new heel things for my skates before I go.  Which means I’m leaving at…  5:30?  5:45?  So I will be there late.  Which is okay for a Thursday, the real draw of tonight is the PM scrimmage, but it would be nice to attend a “Q” practice and skate with the newer girls.  Plus I’ll be driving in rush hour (the main reason I leave at 4:45 is to avoid it.)  I need to pay the bills.  I need to do the dishes.  Tomorrow, I need to go to the Pub Crawl.  Saturday, spin class and scrimmage.  Sunday (Tim asked if I would miss Sunday scrimmage–as if.  It’s the only day I *might* skate against FC in my new skates before skating DRD.  I need to be challenged and test them and see how it goes.)  Tim’s aunt and uncle are here, so we are supposed to go to his parent’s for lunch/dinner.  Monday practice/scrimmage, Tuesday interviews, Wednesday spin class. CHRIS PARENTE!!!, practice, Thurs/Fri chill, Saturday DRD bout.

I can do this.  It will be okay.  Tim is just going to have to be patient with me, and understand that the extra practices are how I manage the stress, and are necessary due to the new skates.  I can do the bills/dishes/insurance stuff Friday before the pub crawl or Saturday after scrimmage.  And what doesn’t get done, I can work on Wednesday after the CHRIS PARENTE!!! thing.

That’s the other thing.  Chris Parente.  OMG, I fucking love him.  He’s so freaking awesome and I get to meet him and be on TV and how cool is that OMG!!!  But…  maybe I shouldn’t do it?  Because I have no assistant, that means a substitute teacher will be in the library by him/herself all day Wednesday if I am gone. 😦  And that person may or may not have any library background/knowledge.  The shit could seriously hit the fan in here.  Or not.  I dunno.  So I’m a little stressed about that.  Also, I called in “sick” that day, and I can technically get in trouble for that.  No one in my building will care, but if the anti-teacher school board finds out and decides to care…  I could get in trouble for not using a personal day.  But I’m using two personal days to go to Grand Cayman with my family, and I only have two per year, with two “built up” from previous years, but I may have used them all last year…  so I may only have had the two to begin with…



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    hey dude – what if you drive up to Denver after walking Reilly and hit up the Walgreens at Quebec & MLK? It might eliminate some of the driving stress.

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