Kill Bill Vol. 2 (Help! Blisters! Physical Burnout?)

Ungh.  I have this problem.  Extremes.  I’m either lazy or I push it too hard.  I’m worrying I’m pushing it too hard right now.  Two big bouts coming up, with the Contenders, one at the Fillmore, vs. our home town rival.  I want to be the best I can be and do the best I’m capable of at that bout (as well as the one…two? in Sacramento).  So I’m pushing myself hard to make sure I can.

Yesterday I hit spin class in the morning.  Which was great.  Three hour derby practice last night was not so great.  😦  I’m super cranky.  And I shouldn’t be.   I don’t want to get hurt before our upcoming bouts, and that is affecting how I play.  I avoided a hit during a drill when I shouldn’t have.  By the end of the night, my legs were so tired, and my hamstring(s) (particularly the right one) just aching.   I gave up during a jam because I had loosened my laces on my left skate and was then worried about rolling my ankle.  I all-but gave up in a jam towards the end of the night b/c my legs were so tired.  I said some things I’m not proud of.  I behaved dramatically.  And I was just cranky and irritable and not pleasant to be around.  I posted an “I’m sorry I’m an ass” post on the Contender forum, which I realize only makes me more dramatic, but I felt badly, I had behaved inappropriately, and I wanted to apologize so I could sleep easy.  (Which I did with the aid of an advil PM and three regular advils.)

I was sore because I didn’t drink enough water yesterday.  And I’ve worked my legs pretty heavily the past few days (Spin Sat, Scrimmage Sun, Spin & Practice & Scrimmage Mon.)  Am I overdoing it, or just not used to pushing myself?  Or did I just not drink enough water?  I just don’t want to cross a line and overdo it and fuck myself before these bouts coming up.

Speaking of which.  My feet.  One blister that popped Thursday.  It was healing nicely and didn’t bother me Sunday.  Yesterday, within five minutes of warming up, I had a new blister inside the popped blister–through my blister prevention tape.  Holy eff.  Frak gave me this gelly thing to tape on there, which worked.  The blister actually re-absorbed.  But, I have a new one at the edge of where the gel pad was, and one on my left foot to match it.  😦  Not sure what to do.  I can’t find the gelly stuff Frak had online, there are these arch support sleeve things I could get… but will that help?  There’s also a blister prevention stick thing (it looks like deodorant.)  When I played Underwater Hockey (yes, absorb that for a minute…), we put vaseline on our feet to prevent blisters…  So I wonder if the stick thing would work…  really what I want is to encourage the formation of callouses there so that it becomes a non-issue.  In the meantime… what should I do?

Also, my left boot.  The ankle feels just a smidge loose.  At one point during a drill yesterday, it actually lifted halfway out of the boot.  I’m going to pick up some heel cup inserts today on the way home, hopefully that will help with that… (I did get a “heel raise” in the boot… one of my upgrades…  6mm.  Lot of good that’s doing.)   I’m going to toss the insoles I replaced the original Bont insoles with, and I think continue onward w/o insoles.  Anyone have advice there?  Is this a horrible idea?  I’ll have the heel cups… The insoles just don’t really fit.  They were sliding around some yesterday.  I dunno.

And the whole overdoing it thing.  Am I cranky because of my diet?  I didn’t drink (alcohol) hardly at all last week… and I haven’t had anything sweet or fatty (my digestive system is WICKED happy about that!)  Could that be contributing to my overall crankiness and general shitty attitude/mood?  Or am I just still bitchy from that-time-of-the-month?  I shouldn’t be, and I don’t want to use that as an excuse.  All I know is I didn’t feel myself last night, so much that I felt I owed my team an apology, and I’d like to fix it.

Is it the diet?  Is it the exercise?  Is it the lack of alcohol?

Oh– and yesterday I ate 1775/2468 calories (additional deficit of 694).  I weighed in this morning at 154.3 lbs.


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    It sounds like you might need to make a concerted effort to rest your legs and bump up your iron intake. Menstruation makes a lot of women anemic or borderline anemic. That, combined with intense exercise, can make your body really cranky. Throw in calorie deficits, breaking in new skates, and your generally high expectations for yourself and performance, and it sounds like a recipe for a shit storm.

    • 2

      Thanks, Rowdy. 😦 I feel like I eat well, so I looked at that list, and compared it to the past couple days of food… maybe? Fitbit won’t tally my iron intake. *enormous eye roll.* Calories, fat, fiber, potassium, etc, but no iron. Sunday and Monday I was low on calories… wasn’t hungry/was busy… And maybe not a whole lot of iron… I dunno. Stupid fitbit.

  2. 4

    sunnyd605 said,

    it sounds like you are overtired. maybe it is just your body getting used to this level of activity, but maybe it’s a little bit too much? i doubt it is your diet, if it is making your digestive system happy then i doubt it should do something bad to your mood…..
    1775 calories for a day with a three hour practice and spin doesn’t seem like nearly enough. i don’t remember what you said your starting weight was, but maybe you need more healthy calories in the mix?
    yours truly,
    dr. d. struction

    • 5

      Thanks, Doc! I thought technically you’re supposed to eat 2000/day, less if you’re dieting? I was busy yesterday… but I ate when I was hungry… I wasn’t that hungry at the end of the day… just tired. But I do think I was low on calories two days in a row, so maybe it added up?

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