Work-ee Work, Bus-ee Bee


  • Breakfast: Sprouts Sesame Bagel w/ Butter
  • Snack: Lara Bar (last one, phew)
  • Lunch: 2% Swiss and Granny Smith Apple Panini (w/o butter) on wheat
  • Snack: Rockstar Pink Energy drink w/ Seltzer water (Mocktail)
  • Dinner: Costco Chicken Piccata, Ginger Quinoa with Green Beans, Tomato, Red Pepper and Red Onion (&Garlic)
  • Snack: 1% Milk w/ Hershey’s Special Dark Syrup, 2 small glasses red wine, Pink Lady Apple, 2 triscuits with Easy Cheese


  • 1hr 15 minute Spin Class of death
  • Lots of shopping speed walking

Okay, so I went to Spin Class, which was way harder than usual.  I really liked Kim, the instructor.  She was good, and tough.  Last week the lady did one giant easy pyramid.  I could have pushed a little harder last week to make the workout harder, but I don’t really know how to do that at Spin.  Kim made it easy, telling us how hard turning the wheel should be as well as what our RPMs should be.  AND, I fucking killed the sprint at the end.  Holy shit, I almost forgot.  We did a 4 minute seated sprint, and we were supposed to put a little extra tension on the wheel to make it hard to spin, keeping our RPMs above 100, but below 120.  Mine were above 112 the whole time, and I added tension to the wheel TWICE b/c I went above 120.  I tore that shit up.  Tore it up.

Food…  eh.  I had a bagel and butter b/c I was out of cereal (or so I thought.)  The Chicken Piccata, drenched in butter, that I picked up at Costco probably wasn’t good…  but I managed to stay almost 300 calories shy of my suggested intake (of 2437) yesterday, even with the wine.  Weird.  Burned 1000+ calories at Spin, though.

Oh, yeah.  I was going to go to scrimmage, but it was cancelled since FC played at the same time.  So I was back to going to Body Pump class after Spin.  I did try.  I walked down there and looked in the window.  It was full.  😦  I didn’t wanna do any more cardio or legs, so I tried lifting for a bit.  Well.  For one, I didn’t recognize many of the machines and didn’t wanna look a fool.  For two, there were three dudes “huuuuugggghhhhhhphhh” ing in the lifting area.  😦  That did not encourage experimentation with the lifting equipment.  I thought about using the benches to do some crazy abs, but… well…  I don’t know how successful I would be trying to do crazy Frida abs, and besides not wanting to try in front of the  “uuuurrrrrnnnnnnngggggppppphhhhh SMASH” ing men, there was this chick going crazy on the other one…  and I didn’t wanna look all wimpy next to her.  😦  So I went home.

And ran errands.  All day.  Ugh.  bought a new double box of cereal at Costco to realize I have a box above my pantry.  Oops.  Bought two pairs of Adidas Running Capris in size medium.  They literally had like 50 smalls in black with pink, blue, and green.  They had two mediums in green.  No larges.  They were $15 (and they usually run $40-$60).  Got home, they’re a bit snug.  So I ran them to the Adidas Outlet at the mall to exchange them, with some of Tim’s stuff.  It diidn’t work.  But Adidas was having a 30% off the store sale, so I grabbed two more pairs, plus two black tanks.  And a jacket for Tim.  Yesterday was the Shopping Extravaganza (a fundraiser I’ve participated in the past three years–I did it for the Castle Rock ‘n Rollers last year, it was our biggest fundraiser, and they failed to do it this year… wtf?) I didn’t participate this year b/c I always spend so damn much money.  I decided to duck into Nike, Under Armour, and Eddie Bauer just to see…  I survived Nike and Under Armour, but at Eddie Bauer I found work pants that fit (I’ve been looking). Naturally the ones on the clearance rack didn’t fit, just the full priced ones.  So I bought two pairs, plus two shirts on sale, and two for Tim so he wouldn’t bitch about me shopping.  Grabbed the wrong size on one of his, and found when I got home that I already have a red long sleeved tee.  *sigh.*

So–today–on the way home from practice, I’ll swing by the Parker Costco to see if I can exchange sizes on my pants–though  I lost the receipt *sigh.*  And maybe the Outlet Mall to exchange those tops, too.  Urgh.  Urrrrghhhhhhhh SMASH.


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