Ah, rink rash, how I’ve not missed you.


  • Breakfast: Lite turkey sausage, egg, and cheese muffin sandwich with a glass of milk
  • Snackie: Starbucks nonfat decalf late
  • Snack, Protein Chewy Bar
  • Lunch: Subway 6″ Turkey w/ all the veggies, honey mustard, and swiss.  Yoplait Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola
  • Dinner: Wheat noodles with Lite Parmesan Alfredo sauce


  • Rushed walk with Reilly
  • 1hr. Derby Scrimmage

MY SKATES CAME.  Yay.  My skates had arrived yesterday when I got home, so I spent the next several hours fine-tuning them.  In addition to heat moulding them three times, she had sent the wrong cushions and the wrong toe stops.  So I had to swap those out.  Also, I forgot to take the insoles out on the third heat moulding.  😦  They shrank.  Bijou promised to see if she can grab me a new pair at Westerns, but… they are basically just a piece of foam so I can replace them with a diff cheap insole… or not.  I finished messing with them around 6:30/6:45 and decided that if I could leave the house by 7, I could make the 8pm PM scrimmage.  So I did. (Sans insoles.)  I spent most of scrimmage on my face.  Managed to blister my foot and score some painful rink rash.  Also, I seem to have blistered my index and middle finger on my right hand while heat moulding…  they popped and had to be taped at scrimmage.  Taped the foot, too.  Basically, I was a wreck.  Rad Die also showed up, to my surprise, with new wheels she was breaking in for today.  It was so nice to see her, but since FC’s game is today she also worried me a bit by being in Denver yesterday!!!

Anyway, the skates fit like a gem.  The low-cut ankle took/will take some serious getting used to.  My ankles felt super loose and I had no grip.  I fell a lot.  I hit someone out and couldn’t turn around and go back the necessary feet b/c  I was wibbly wobbly.  By the end of the night, I’d gotten used to the ankles…  and was falling less.  Still: I’m terrified of having lost my mojo prior to our two big upcoming Contender bouts.  Will I have it back before the DRD bout on Oct 6?  Because anything less than 100% against them simply will not suffice.

I ate well yesterday.  Fitbit didn’t sync after 7:00, so it doesn’t know I hit scrimmage and thinks I ate too much.  Lame.  Want the new fitbit that syncs via bluetooth on my iPhone, but I’m not shelling out $100 for a new one.  (They also have a mini-one that doesn’t track stairs or sleep for $60.)  I’m pretty sure I’m actually pretty good on calories for yesterday.  (around 1800.)

So.  My goals pertain to derby performance more than anything else.  Tomorrow, I’d planned on Spin Class followed by Body Pump.  I think I’m changing my plans.  If my goals include derby performance, I think tomorrow I should hit Spin Class then Scrimmage.  I’m skating like a newbie, I should skate with the newbies.  Plus then I can pull the bearings from my 88 Mojo wheels, clean them, and put them on my new skates.  (I also switched to soft cushions from med-soft, and to 93 wheels from 88.  I want to be back on 88s Sunday. I think.  For now.)


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