Desperately. Want. Cheeseburger!

I have resisted successfully thus far.


  • Honey Nut Cheerios & 1% milk.  Rancid creamer in the coffee again, so I had some Cinnamon fancy creamer crap from school instead.
  • Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, apple
  • Turkey Enchilada Casserole and Lemon Sage Rice with Gatorade G2
  • Smoothie of: 2 cups organic baby lettuces, 1/4 cup Pom, 1/4 cup fat free vanilla yogurt, frozen strawberries, banana.
  • Bites of Quinoa with Black Beans, 7 triscuits with reduced fat cream cheese and smoked salmon (*drools*)


  • 1ish mile walk with Reilly (someone please chastise me!)

Ran the Volleyball scoreboard at school today so I had to run home after school, then back for Volleyball.  Yes, I could have done some push-ups at some point today.  I could do them now.  I did not, I have not, I will not.  Someone needs to seriously ride my ass here.

I did resist the cheeseburger temptation.  It’s minor for now, but seriously, it’s coming.  I may rock a bagel and real butter in the next day or so to see if it staves the urge to chow sweet delicious fried goods…  The pickles on those McDonald’s cheeseburgers add just the right touch of sweetness… and the perfectly chopped square onion bits… mmm… and ketchup… mustard… CHEESE…  Soft fluffy buns…  Or the nuggets.  Crispy and delicious with so many sauce options.  Once after a bout I had a 20 Piece Chicken Nugget MEAL with a cheeseburger.  Finished it all, too.  *Nom nom nom.*

I forgot to put my fitbit on when I left the house this morning, so fitbit says I’m WAAAAYYY over on calories.  They came out with some sweet new products which of course makes me want them even though I obviously don’t need them.  My fitbit only syncs at home.  The new one syncs through an iPhone.  I have probably had too much to eat today.  2250 calories.  Yowza!

Linda Conway, the Director of Library Media for Douglas County Schools met with my principal today to discuss his vision for the LHS library.  I wasn’t at the meeting, which took place in my office while I was teaching a class, which was odd.  But she reviewed her conversation with him with me afterward…  *blinks.*  Anyway, I like her.  She gave me a new perspective on the 4pm thing.  She said: what are you going to do to get kids in the library til 4pm?  And I said: why would I want them here til 4pm?  They’re here at 6:45am already, I don’t want ’em here later, too.  She said: so you can get a second librarian…  Aha!  Touche, Linda.  Touche.

A quick aside–Linda Conway formerly held Colorado Quad Speed Skating Records.  She’s from Colorado Springs.  One of her skating buddies growing up is the formidable Sarina Hayden.  She also remembers “Sarina’s bitty little sister, what was her name?”  😉  I don’t know if she’ll come watch a bout. We’re not at the “come watch me hit bitches in my underwear” stage of our working relationship.  But… I know some of the ladies in her office might come, and I already sold three tickets to another librarian.  So we’ll see.

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