Hooooooray Smoothies & Gaygan & Blew practices


  • Honey Nut Cheerios & 1% milk.  Creamer had gone sour, so I did not enjoy my coffee.
  • Snack: Yoplait Greek Yogurt w/ fruit & granola, Apple
  • Lunch: Leftover Turkey Enchilada Casserole, leftover Quinoa with Black Beans, and Gatorade G2.
  • Pre-Practice Snack: Smoothie including: 1 cup dark leafy greens (Kale mix), 1/2 avocado, 1 banana, 1 bag frozen organic berries, 1 cup Minute Maid Blueberry Pomegranate Juice.
  • Mid-Practice Snack: 3 Gatorade Chews, Lemon Lara Bar (*vomits*)
  • Post-Practice Snack: 7 strawberries.


  • 2ish mile walk with Reilly.  Got out the school door at 2:57 and was amazed at the amount of time that saves me getting home, etc.  So Reilly’s and my walk was extended a few minutes.
  • 2 hr Gaygan practice
  • 1 hr Blew practice

I *really* enjoyed practice last night.  Both parts.  I *loved* the feedback buddies.  I lucked out and scored Titan.  Best feedback buddies ever.  Anyway, since we’ve been discussing negativity and staying positive at practice, etc, I thought this was a really great idea.  Titan and I agreed that we were much more focused on what was going on during our own rest time not only because we were watching each other, but just because.  Also, we agreed on a fine tuning adjustment Ho J would benefit from, then shared that info with her.  Which was nice b/c alone I may not have said anything, lest I risk sounding like a pompous ass.  (Apparently I come off as arrogant/a suck up at times.  After a long drunken discussion w/ Batty and Blew about it (on the ride to Kearney,) I’ve decided to stop letting it bother me.)

Loved the drills we did with Blew @ Conts. practices.  I actually wish they’d come up a few weeks ago.  Fight Club has been practicing playing down skaters (w/2ish instead of 4), and one of the drills pertained to that, perhaps they may have benefit from it prior to their trip to Regionals.  Also,  I really like using Cont. practice time to work on drills rather than scrimmage.  That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a Cont. scrimmage once a month or so (esp. last week vs. FC,) but I like working on drills, too.  I know Sunday we’re doing Conts. vs. the world since FC will be gone, but I also think FC is not coming tomorrow and am wondering if we can/will use their 8-9 time.  If not… perhaps Rowdy will be interested in some Burpees.  (*insert hysterical laughter here*)

Met with my boss *again* yesterday.  I finally just gave up.  He thinks everyone else works 7-4 so I should, too.  That’s bull.  Some people do, but not every day, and not 7-4.  But I’m sick of telling him that over and over and over again.  I didn’t agree to do it, but I didn’t say no, either.  The phrase “contract” finally slipped my lips, and he came back with “if you wanna go there, we’ll go there.”  I don’t.  I really don’t.  I just wish he’d at least recognize the fact that I already work an hour over what I’m supposed to daily.  I haven’t had a raise in 5 years.  I’m a librarian, I don’t get thank yous from kids or parents or even my colleagues very often.  And now my boss is failing to recognize all the extra I already do and telling me I need to do more with less.  My assistant’s last day is Friday.  Because they haven’t posted the job yet, I’m spending at least 1-2…maybe even 3 weeks in here all day alone by myself.  *Sigh.*  It’s seriously hard to be a good Teacher Librarian when you can’t leave the library and have no assistant to help manage library basics (re-shelving, laminating, etc.)  Anyway, they’re posting today or tomorrow for a 6hr. employee.  Which gives me an assistant 9:30-4.  That leaves me alone in here for 3hrs in the morning, our busiest time.  And I won’t be able to attend Department Chair meetings…  He’s also giving me this Testing Center idea to manage.  So more work, more hours, less pay (since this means I can’t do Volleyball/Basketball,) and less assistant. Shank needs a job.  She would be so effing awesome, and I’d probably learn a lot from her (she’s a librarian in the public field.)  I doubt she’ll want one that’s 6hrs/day and only 176 days/year.  (And pays $12/hr.)  As soon as the job officially posts, I’m posting on the RMRG forum and hopefully someone cool needs a job/wants it.

What else? Yeah, I think that’s all.  I’m not really looking forward to the next few weeks.  Between no assistant, having a group of newbies who need to be registered for insurance, promotions to do on fb (for the Rise Against concert and my upcoming bout,) and my upcoming bouts…  UGH.  It’s gonna be crazy.  I’m gonna *seriously* need that trip to Grand Cayman in Nov.  Speaking of which.  Anyone interested in watching O’Reilly while Tim and I are gone?  You can stay at my house in Castle Rock and love my Kitty, too…

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  1. 1

    poipoundher said,

    Hey! I love the smoothies! If you want to make the smoothie healthier use way more than 1 cup…my smoothies use 8-9 cups of packed greens…leafy greens really condense down!!! =) Also…did you like the avocado in the smoothie?

    Ps- I really loved the feedback buddies too!!!!

    • 2

      The avocado adds a TON of creaminess, but you don’t really taste it. It also adds a TON of calories and fat, though… 😦 So I’m 50/50. I used it yesterday cuz it was gonna go bad otherwise.

  2. 3

    Did you enjoy the panicked look in my eyes when you suggested burpees last night? hahahahaha. I say yes to other core-strengthening exercises before practice on Wednesday.

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