Ugh. I’m so bad at this!!!

I don’t even know.

Breakfast: Egg white omelette with spinach, margarined & jellied wheat toast

Snack: Lara Bar

Lunch: PB&J on wheat, milk, banana

Snack: Strawberries, Triscuits w/ smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber

Dinner: Grilled Pork Chops, Caprese Salad, french baguette w/ olive oil dipping sauce, mocktail, giant glass of wine.

Exercise: derby scrimmage

I think I just suck at this.  I try to eat healthy, and even when I do, I’m eating way too many calories and I just suck.  Had my usual egg white omelette and toast, but fried the eggs in Spray Butter crap instead of real butter, and used margarine 😡  on my toast, with some “Simply Fruit” cherry jam (nom nom nom.)  I didn’t get sick! Yay!  Success.  I did drop a giant two part deuce when I got to practice (something about those port-a-potties…  I have really good dumps there,) but it was not super icky liquidy horrible post egg poo.  So that was good.  Sorry for the graphics.

I was going to the Fight Club Pep Rally and couldn’t afford a cheat day, so I packed a lunch.  Literally.  I brought my lunch box with me.  I ate a peanut butter and jelly sammie and a glass of milk in the car before I headed to Scruffy Murphy’s.  (And I got natural peanut butter, and used the “simply fruit” jelly, it is sugar free.)  I ate a banana on the walk from the car to the bar.  Thank goodness, too.  The bacon mac and cheese looked delectable as always, but I resisted.  The Bloody Mary bar… OMG.  It looked so effing good.  I love Bloody Mary’s and I love making my own concoctions.  But I resisted.  All I had at SM’s was three glasses of ice water and five carrot sticks.

I swung by Michael’s to grab crystals for bearing necklaces for Blew (she wants some by tomorrow for some juniors in FoCo.)  Got home, made those, went to clean the kitty’s litter box.  We were out of kitty litter.  UGH.  All I want to do is shower and get my game day healthy snack on.  But nooooooo.  I had to go buy stupid kitty litter.  When I turned from the Pet Isle to the Pay Isle, the baker rolled past with his glorious fresh baked loaves.  I had to buy one, they smelled sooooooo good.  Stunk up my car, too.  It was glorious.  Cleaned the cat’s room, (yes, my cat literally has a bedroom,) showered, made my delicious snack of Triscuits, lowfat cream cheese, cucumber slices, and smoked salmon.  OMG they were delicious.  Made caprese salad and Lemon Sage Wild Rice.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t know how to make wild rice, and it wasn’t ready when the Pork Chops were ready.  I had two helpings of Caprese Salad…  the rice still wasn’t done.  One piece of bread.  Still cooking.  Another piece of bread.  I’d given up at this point.  I started cleaning up while my rice continued to simmer.  Unfortunately for me, Tim had like ten leftover french fries.  (He was having fries instead of rice.)  I ate like five… or six.

Apparently I’m being really grumpy.  Ok I know I am.  All I wanted when I got home was to shower and chill, but I had so many chores to do, then I had to go buy stupid fucking kitty litter (why can’t he crap outside like the dog?) and when I returned (with bread, to cheer myself up) Tim was jamming on my Sea Salt and Dill triscuits.  MY favorite triscuts.  There was a box of Salt and Cracked Pepper ones in the pantry, his favorite.  But no, he was eating mine.  Ass.  I pointed this out vociferously.  I picked up the box, looked in it, saw about five left, and threw a fit (it was a brand new box!!!)  Anyway, after dinner I caved and poured a giant glass of wine.  I don’t even feel bad.  I also don’t think I’ll finish it.  I just don’t care. I’d tried so hard to do well, and I fucking ate way too many calories (close to 3000 today) WTF.

Also, I have a raging headache.  And I drank a ton of water.  wtf.


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  1. 1

    Tootsie said,

    Sea salt and dill triscuits?!? Where do I find these?

  2. 2

    sunnyd605 said,

    My cat has a room too. Plus, you aren’t bad at this.

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