Suck it Apex, consider yourself jumped.

It certainly wasn’t pretty.  In fact, it may have been the ugliest Apex Jump in all of history. All I know is…

…it was FC vs. the world, and after two periods jamming with FC, I found myself playing with the world. (I only racked up 3 minors jamming w/ them, I might add.)  I wanted to practice blocking, but my previous two blocking jams had seen me to the box thrice.  So I jammed, and went to the box…  cutting?  My time ended just as the new jam was beginning.  I tried to pass the panty (I’d spent so much time in the box, surely I was hogging.)  Batty insisted I jam.  So I did.  It was somehow a Power Jam.  I nailed Rad Die right in the back and she collapsed on top of… Fi?  Somehow I didn’t go to the box (I was even skating toward the box already, sure they would send me, but no… somehow not a back block.)  So I got out, and came around and managed to push past AJ and the rest of them, and the next time coming around, I thought: Apex Jump.  But they were on the wrong side of the apex.  I never practice there.  But I thought… Apex Jump.  So I did.  And it worked.  And AJ didn’t hit me and while it was an ugly backwards land, it was a land.  So I did it.

You should have heard the cheering.  So awesome.  I dunno if it was b/c it was awesome, or b/c everyone knows how much I wanted to jump the Apex and I fucking did it, and against Fight Club no less.  Regardless, it was fucking cool.  One of those “ok I’m done for the day” moments.

Hours later, I went home.  And hours still later Tim finally asked how practice was.  So I told him.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  “What is this apex you speak of and how do you jump it?”  Boys.  Ugh.  Anyway,  Really appreciated my team mates today, and their enthusiasm at the world’s ugliest jump.  😀

…that is all.


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  1. 2

    I cheered because it was AWESOME and because you NAILED IT!

  2. 3

    fridabeater said,

    You were so cute. the look on your face afterward was priceless.

    • 4

      The look of sheer terror at the fact that I had to circle back around and face AJ a fourth time, but this time she was prolly a little irritated at the fact I’d gotten by? Yeah. I can see that that might have been amusing. 😉

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