Smoothie Success


  • 1hr 15 minute Spin Class
  • 50 minute 3 mile walk with Reilly


  • Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios & 1% Milk
  • Snack: Coconut Cream Pie Luna Bar, celery sticks
  • Lunch: Granny Smith Apple & 2% Swiss Cheese panini on wheat (w/o butter), Green Smoothie (kale, banana, Pom, fat free vanilla yogurt, honey)
  • Dinner: Turkey Enchilada CasseroleQuinoa and Black Beans with reduced fat sour cream, avocado, and two big glasses of 1% milk.

First of all.  I don’t think I like Luna Bars.  I like Lara Bars.  Or is it the other way around? Why they have to sound so much the same is beyond me.  The Coconut Cream Pie one I had today looked just like Reilly’s poo.  Had a similar texture, too.  It tasted… blech.  Not really “bad,” but definitely not good, either.  Some bites were bad, though.

I’m tired.  My exercise wore me out.  But.. fitbit says I’m 154 calories over my suggested intake for the day.  I would tell fitbit to suck it, but I’ve eaten 2488 calories today.  Daaaamn.  That’s a lot.  Even if I exercised.  Definitely should have foregone the second big glass of milk.  But hey–it wasn’t a second big glass of wine.  (No alcohol today!  And it’s Saturday, so that’s kind of a big deal.)  I’d love to mix myself a mocktail of Blueberry Pomegranate Juice and Seltzer water, but as I’m already over on calories, I won’t.  I’m ready for bed.  And I had a nap today!

I found a recipe for grilled cheese with swiss and granny smith apple slices.  So I made it for lunch.  It was really good!  Used 2% swiss to be even healthier, and left the butter off the bread.  It toasts just fine w/o it.  Had a Green Smoothie as a side, but couldn’t resist a few potato chips as I was getting lunch together (I was sooo hungry.  Ate at like 2pm)  It turned out ok.  Definitely didn’t taste the Kale, so that was cool.  Probably could have used one banana and milk instead of yogurt, but I bought the yogurt for smoothies, soo…  Dinner I made a couple of healthy mexican-ish recipes.  I added fresh green chiles to the casserole (and used green instead of red chile…  prolly added a few calories, that did.  Alas.)  And!  I’m a moron!  Totally forgot to add the spices to the quinoa!  D’Oh!  Anyway, it was still really good.  A little bland, but the cilantro flavored it right up.

Now I’m just sitting on the couch waiting for it to be late enough that I can crawl into bed.  Disappointed that I didn’t get any ab work in.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

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