Temperature Check

Yesterday was an impromptu cheat day, and thus doesn’t need discussing.  No exercise, lots of beer, a martini, check mix, chips and dip.  (Turkey subway sammie on wheat with all the veggies.)

Instead, a two week check in.  How are we doing.  Let’s revisit my goals:

  1. Improve Endurance
  2. Eat/drink healthier.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Weigh closer to 150 than 160.


  1. My Endurance.  Well, I’ve been to two spin classes in two weeks, and next week I think I’ll stay for the Body Pump class that follows the Spin Class.  I’ve not done much in terms of Ab work, though.  I think I’ve done abs once.  So, I’ll give myself a C here.  Spin will definitely improve my endurance, but I need to be doing those ab-cersises as well.
  2. I’ve been eating and drinking quite well.  I’ll go with a B.  I could definitely be drinking less.
  3. I’ve been drinking more water, but still not enough.  Yesterday I did well.  Today I’m off to a decent start.  I’m going with a C again.
  4. Well…  according to fitbit, I weighed in at 162.5 on Aug 31.  Yesterday I weighed in at 157.3.  Soooo… seem to be doing well.  Then again, today I weighed 159.4…  (stupid cheat day.)  I always weigh myself right after my morning poo.  This morning I felt I had more to give, but needed to get to spin class.  So maybe that was a factor.  Anyway, I think an A.  Yay.

So, moving forward.  I’m doing okay so far.  More more exercising.  More more water.  And still less alcohol.  😦  I bought Blueberry Pomegranate juice and Seltzer water today so that I can make myself some fancy mocktails.  I learned a few years ago from 9news that a good way to enjoy juice with fewer calories and sugar  is to mix it with seltzer/soda water.  Shoot.  I meant to pick up some limes to make Rowdy’s lime-strawberry thing…  I did grab some lemons.  I could do Strawberry Lemon pretend fun drinks…  Anyway, I plan to mix a splash of the juice with the seltzer water (does that count as water intake, I wonder?  2 birds one stone… hmmm…

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