Ugh! Such a moron!

So.  I bought new lunch suitcases for Tim and I.  I say suitcases because… well..  you remember when suitcases had that expandable zipper along the edge?  you could zip the thing narrower, or unzip it wider?  Our lunch boxes do that. Awesome, right?  Well.  One of Tim’s colleagues was equally fortunate.  His wife purchased him a new lunch suitcase.  …  The same exact one Tim had.  So Tim and I swapped.

I made Tim’s and my lunches this morning.  Mostly the same, but slightly less healthy for him.  I had milk, pb& honey sammie, apple, Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, veggies and hummus.  Tim’s had pb & jelly… full sugar jelly…  jello… gatorade…  string cheese…  and veggies and hummus and apple.

Except that I’m a moron and put my lunch in my old lunchbox, and Tim’s lunch in my new lunchbox.  Which is especially sad because  I was soooo looking forward to milk with my pb&h sammie.  😦  On the bright side, it’s a busy busy busy day (this is the first I’ve sat down since this morning’s update) and busy bodys are not eating bodies.  So I think I can sustain myself on the sammie, apple, and veggies.

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