Looooooong day …

Looooooong day yesterday, and I’m apparently still not working enough.  😡


  • Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios, 1% Milk, Coffee, Nonfat creamer
  • Snack: Yoplait GREEK Yogurt with Fruit and Granola, Pink Lady Apple
  • Lunch: Leftover Honey Mustard Chicken and Garbanzo Quinoa Salad
  • Snack: Smoothie–banana, strawberry, fat-free half and half (milk next time?)
  • “Dinner:” Grapes, Baby Kale w/ Honey Mustard dressing, Small glass of red wine.


  • 1 mile walk with Reilly
  • 2ish hour Urrk’n-ish derby practice (she ran late, so it did not have the…um…  fitness stuff at the beginning.)

Water: 78 fl oz

Sleep: 88% Efficient


Ungghhh.  No assistant and five classes yesterday.  Plus a meeting with my boss that had to occur in the library proper since there was no one else here to watch the library.  It went… well… ish.  I think we have a very similar “vision” for the library.  His just includes me being here from 7-4.  I’m paid to be here from 7:30-3.  I am here from 6:30ish-3.  And my assistant gets in later and keeps the library open til 4. Except yesterday, I had to leave at 3 to get to practice on time (she was sick yesterday). I ended up walking out the door around 3:20, and when a student asked him why the library was closed he sent the boy to ask me.  I get it.  The library needs to stay open after school.  I don’t like closing it at 3. But when I get here at 6:30, I can’t stay til 4.  And when I have practice at 6 in Denver, and live in Castle Rock, and need to get Reilly on a walk, and make a smoothie for “dinner…”  I can’t work 9 hour days.  I just can’t.  And I don’t know how to explain that any more clearly than I have.  His original point of argument was that I don’t grade, so I should work longer.  I have many many many things that make up for not grading, namely 180+ students to manage before school for an hour.  His new point is that 7-4 is the “norm” in the school.  It’s what everyone else works.  It’s not.  Yes, there are teachers who do that.  A fair amount.  But not all of them.  Not the mothers and the caretakers, etc.  I don’t have a wife at home cleaning the house, doing the laundry, taking care of the kids (Reilly and Paris), watering the garden, doing the dishes, making the dinners and the lunches, etc, etc, etc.  That’s my job.  Tim is the “breadwinner.”  He makes over $10k more than me, and he coaches after school.  Besides which, I’m a damn professional ath-e-lete.  I don’t know what to do.

Anyway, so yesterday.  Work work work, all day long, work work work while I sing that song.  Left at 3:20ish, got home, took Reilly on the shortest quickest walk ever.  Changed, and struggled in the smoothie making department.  Frozen banana and frozen strawberries per my assistant’s suggestion.  It wouldn’t blend.  It needed “lube.”  I put in some fat free half and half.  Still wouldn’t blend.  More half and half.  Then more.  I finally got it to work, but ended up with banana spooge on my shirt.  Then I had to poo.  But it was stuck.  *blushes.*  It was already after 5.  (I leave for practice at 4:45, unless I want to be early, then I leave closer to 4.)  I ended up pulling out, still constipated, at 5:10.  (25 mins late out of school = exactly 25 mins late leaving for practice.)  Totally hit traffic and wanted to shoot myself.  I leave early partially to be to practice early, but mostly b/c the traffic nearly brings on a murderous rage.  Hulk Menace-style.  RAWRRRRggghh.  Anyway, I rolled in a lil before six and had to hit the port-a-lets.  Still didn’t fully take care of business.

Urrk’n hit traffic as well, and was a lil’ late.  My league-mates may kill me for divulging this info before Frida and God and the rest of the universe, but… Brixx was gearing up to run practice when Urrk’n pulled up.  We decided to start a drill, and start it fast, so that we wouldn’t have to do the pace line non sprint of death.  Eve suggested the Frida drill from Monday.  The swoop-y two lane hit thing.  I agreed.  Brixx hadn’t been to practice on Monday.  I tried miserably to organize everyone, and we basically just started rolling around whacking each other haphazardly.  And then Urrk’n was there and took over (thankfully.) Practice was good.  Just not that hard.  And as much as I enjoy everyone, I never enjoy practice as well w/o the FC’ers.  I know I’m crazy, but I like when they kick my ass.  Makes me better.  They started showing up and Gayg jumped into the drill we were doing on my line and did the Gayg thing (“left, right, hit her! hit her!  oh sorry!”) and I couldn’t help hugging her, I was so glad she was there and being all awesome and everything.  (Plus she seemed to have “dressed up” (aka “showered”) for DRD or something…)

Anyway, went home, Tim poured me a glass of wine before I could say no, and fitbit told me I was 700 calories under!!!  Wow.  Anyway, I didn’t want to have a hungry-munchy day today like I did Tuesday, so I ate some grapes… drank the wine… and when I was still way under on calories, threw some honey mustard dressing on some baby kale and called it a salad.  Shower.  Bed.

I said the other day I was going to start tracking my sleep.  Done well-ish the past two nights.  88% Tuesday night (see the pic above) and 87% last night.  You can see my fitbit stats online… (along with the sleep tracker, my calories, etc.  Here’s some other stuff it shows:

This is my activity:


This is my Food Graph:


Oh, and today will be even longer than yesterday.  Today, still no assistant.  And today: 7 classes.  Busier than yesterday, teaching the same content.  And I have to plan for an Ancient Civ. lesson for tomorrow.


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