To whine or not to wine? … wait… not wine-ing results in whining… so… ?


  • Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios & 1% milk, Coffee & Fat Free Half & Half
  • 8:30am Snack: Yoplait Light Yogurt w/ Nature Valley Granola, Pink Lady Apple
  • 9:58am Lunch: Veggies and Wasabi Edamame Hummus with Ginger (drools) and Blueberry Pomegranate Gatorade G2
  • Later: Starving Menace.
  • Even Later: Starving Mean@$$
  • A moment of weakness: A lick of Apple Crisp caramel/carmel
  • Dinner: Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken, Garlicky Quinoa and Garbanzo Bean Salad, and a glass of red wine.
  • Later: One measly bite of homemade Apple Crisp.
  • Still Later: The required second glass of wine


  • 1.5 mile walk with Reilly

So busy today.  Meetings during the day and after school kept me there until 3:45.  (I meet w/ my principal tomorrow regarding the 7am-4pm business…)  Had to swing by the Liquor Store on the way home (surprised?) Yesterday, Tim resigned from coaching Girls Basketball for ten years.  We’re “celebrating” tonight.  This was a… sudden, and negative decision Tim was forced to make.  The results will be positive, so I wanted to make sure we started this new chapter on a positive foot.  Anyway, I bought him a $40 bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin.  (Best wife EVER.)  Got home, walked Reilly to the dog park.  We’d intended to walk the 2.5 mile loop, but while letting her run free, I realized I’d forgotten to pull chicken out of the freezer.  So we trotted home, pulled some chicken out of the freezer, and got to business.

While the chicken was thawing, I made Tim a mini (one apple) Apple Crisp from scratch (using the linked to guidelines.)  Yes, I absolutely licked the spoon.  Fucking caramel (carmel?)  I had to at least sample it.  It was fucking delicious, so I squirted some Dawn in the pan STAT to ensure I didn’t stick my face in there.  I’ve been known to surface from pans with food stuffs on my face up to my ears.  Literally.  No exaggeration.   (Did I say “Best wife EVER” yet?)  Tim loves Apple Crisp.  He must ask me to make it once a week.  He likes it so much he doesn’t even care there’s no vanilla ice cream to go with it tonight.  Anyway, then I whipped up the marinade for the chicken.  It’s from Allrecipes’ (my fav. recipe site) low calorie/healthy eating page, dropped the chicken in, stuck that in the fridge, watered the garden, picked the ripe veggies, started the grill, started the quinoa.  I followed the chicken recipe to a T, but highly modified the quinoa.  I used Apple Cider vinegar instead of lemon juice, fresh Sage (from the garden) instead of dried tarragon (my tarragon died.  😦 ), added a smidge of red onion… …  processed garlic instead of fresh (sorry!) and…  …  oh!  I doubled the recipe, but only had one can of garbanzo beans, so I used White Kidney Beans for the second.  Also, I served mine on a bed of mixed greens.

The wine we had tonight my parents brought back from their trip to Telluride.  It’s decent.  Okay, it’s really good.  We’re drinking the Cabernet Sauvignon this evening…  I’m struggling.  I’m gonna drink less wine, right?  I should only have one glass…  I’m already over on calories for today (wouldn’t be w/o the wine…)  and yet…  two glasses would be moderation for me…   perhaps…  two…  to start?  There’s a time to go big or go home, but that time is not wine:30, right?  Baby steps for this one…  It’s spicy… mellow…  all at the same time.  *nom nom nom*  Plus… I’m not having dessert.  And I made a fucking Apple Crisp from scratch.  Carmel, people.  That’s BUTTER and SUGAR.  It can’t possibly be fucked up.  And I’m not having any… I should totally console myself with a second glass of wine…  or milk.  Chocolate milk.  *tenacity*  Ugh.  There’re as many calories in chocolate milk as there are in wine!!!

Decisions, decisions…

Fuck it.  I’m having a second glass of wine, bitches! (I had none, and was 300 calories UNDeR yesterday!!)


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