To sleep, perchance to dream?

Sunny asked an interesting question last week.  I enjoy my alcohol.  Why, she wondered.  Ready answer: why not?  Tim and I enjoy drinking, and he consumes a fair amount more than me.

Then again… did you know I smoked for a while?  Kills me a little every time I use my inhaler, wondering if those days are why (the doctor says they are not.)  Anyway, I did the social smoking thing.  Then I married a smoker.  Quitting was only hard because Tim would ask me to go outside and smoke with him.  I’d say “no,” and he’d say “oh, come on!”  I wanted the cigarette.  The second asking got me outside with him.  I finally told him: no more.  You’re not allowed to ask me to smoke with you.  Immediate success.  Three months later, I had a stressful week and decided to light up.  It was horrid.  Blech.  I still bring my “eCigarette” with me when I know I will be drinking and my company will be smoking, but otherwise: cured.

Apply that to alcohol.  I have my glass of wine early in the evening, Tim asks if I want another.  I say “ehhhh…”  I should just say no.  So why not?  Well.  I do enjoy a bit.  I don’t necessarily enjoy the headache in the morning, though…  I think I know.

I don’t sleep very well.  I toss and turn all night, and sometimes it takes hours to fall asleep.  If I drink enough,  I fall right to sleep and sleep through the night.  It’s nice.  Last night I took two Advil PMs.  (Actually 1 Ibuprofen PM and 1 “Nite Time Sleep Aid” which is the same thing minus the ibuprofen) since I’d consumed no alcohol and was almost jittery at bedtime.  It still took me forever to fall asleep, and I still tossed and turned all night.  WTF.  I was finally, after what seemed hours, in a gloriously comfy position, eyelids dropping… and  “slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp…”  Reilly had picked that moment to start licking herself.  And naturally, as soon as I realized what it was, I was wide the fuck awake.

Anyway, so sleeping.  My fitbit will track that.  You wear it in this wristguard thing.  Kind of a pain in the ass, which is why I stopped wearing it.  I think I’ll start again for a few weeks and see if we can discover any patterns to my sleeping habits.  (And no, I’m not an ad. for Fitbit, but I probably should be.  Someone let them know!)


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