Guess who punched Frida Beater in the face and is still walking the Earth?

That’s right.  THIS GIRL.  I did apologize in passing…  She let me leave the War*house with all of my limbs attached… not sure if that means “we’re good” or “I’ll be waiting for you…”  Let’s just say I’ll be avoiding the greater Denver area for the next few… … days *sigh*.  (I did do all of my push-ups at practice, though…even though I’m slow… maybe she’ll spare me this once?)  What do you ladies think?

Also, I’m not drinking any wine right now.  Even though there is a tasty looking orange box of it sitting on my counter staring at me.  Additionally, I am not enjoying the delicious jalapeno-artichoke dip I styled yesterday, though in it’s one-day-old glory, it is likely marinated and ripe for the taste buds.  Nope, this Mean@$$ is just facebooking and wordpressing about how awesome having my ass kicked by FC was tonight, with my Cont. friends, etc.


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  1. 1

    fridabeater said,

    Are you sure you’re not drunk?

    • 2

      I know, right? I wasn’t. I realize it was more of an open-palmed tap near the head region, but that wasn’t an interesting title. And as you can see, Rowdy clearly appreciated the title. 😀

  2. 3

    I laughed so hard when I saw this title in my Reader.

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