Pumpkin Eating. That is to say “cheat day, baby!”

As the opening day of the NFL season, I guess I have to take today as a cheat day.  I tried hard not to, but alas… it’s gonna happen.



  • Egg white omelette with mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, jalapeno, and green onions.
  • Buttered wheat toast.
  • Good Green Tea Smoothie.  (Avocado, white grapes, green tea, honey, spinach.)
  • Cocktail shrimp w/ homemade cocktail sauce
  • Jalapeno Artichoke Dip with kettle chips
  • Salsa & Cream Cheese Cheddar Cheese Salsa with tortilla chips

Exercise: Sunday Scrimmage.

Scrimmage today was…blah.  I was on the “everyone” side for Fight Club versus the world.  Kinda sucked.  I think I played okay, but there were like 40 people over there, so I only went in four times the entire period.  Three blocking, one jamming.  Didn’t do anything interesting as a blocker.  Got lead as jammer, but FC only had two blockers that time.  Second and third period, I got to skate with my USPS teammates, and that was super fun and exciting.  ❤ them.  (And Rowdy, KP, eve, and the drop-in Team Bionic girl) skated with us some, too.  Offense is exhausting.  Holy eff.  One jam agains the Sugars I O’d for the TB girl (who eventually gave up and skated forlornly in the back of the pack) against…  Fi and Toxie?  I dunno.  But it fucking wore my ass out.  I had an almost successful “eat the baby” moment as a jammer…  and I made Alpha fall over when she tried to hit me…  which was amusing b/c Alpha’s really tough.  So go Menace.

Food.  Ugh.  I sorta didn’t want to take a cheat day today, but Tim invited my brother Matt over for the Steelers-Broncos game.  (Tim’s a Steeler’s fan.  My family are Broncos fans.)  So I made Jalapeno Artichoke dip which I will have to eat, because it is amazing, and mixed salsa with cream cheese and cheddar cheese which also requires my attention, because it has cream cheese in it. (I’m the dip fucking master, btw.)  And I’ll likely enjoy a beer or two or three.

In terms of good TBT food.  I did have an egg white omelette this morning.  It made me sick.  😦  And I took one of my new pills this morning so it shouldn’t have.  Blew thinks it’s just a timing thing, not the eggs themselves… or maybe the egg/butter combo.  We’ll experiment again next week and see.  I felt sickly at the beginning of scrimmage, too.  That went away, though.  After practice I had an HR Committee Mtg which took a lifetime, then I picked up my ring at ShaneCo so I didn’t get home til pretty late (3ish.)

When I got home from practice, I made the Green Tea Smoothie thing to enjoy.  It’s def. weird.  Creamy from the avocado…  it tastes like green tea with honey… don’t really taste the spinach.  It’s fucking huge, though.  HUGE.  I’m drinking the whole thing cuz Tim won’t touch it (it’s green… I wouldn’t either.  Oh wait, I’m drinking it now.)  AND it’s like 600 calories.  W.T.F.  I know it’s the avocado, but still.  And seriously, avocados are delicious.  I’d rather eat one than blend it into a smoothie where I don’t taste it. Anyway, I’m hoping it fills me up so I don’t eat too much crap tonight.  I am quite full, and not even finished yet. So I don’t know if I’ll eat (drink?) this one again or not.  Here is a picture of me “enjoying” it in a 2006 AFC Championship Game Cup (from when the Steelers beat the Broncos and Tim and I went) and getting ready for some football!  (As to the size of the smoothie, I filled this cup full, drank a 1/3, then filled it full again.)


PS: who’s got two skates and gets to play in Sacramento and at the Fillmore?  THIS GIRL.  Woot woot!


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    Judas Beast said,

    I was totally going to “like” this post until I got to the picture of you in a Steelers shirt. 😉

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