Finally made it to Spin Class.


  • Hour and 15 minute Spin Class
  • 2.5 mile walk with Tim & Reilly


I know, I know.  The bagel.  Woke up @ 6:30, and in my half-asleep “what to have for breakfast” decision-making process, the bag of frozen sesame bagels crossed my mind… then butter joined it… and I was a lost cause.  I wonder if my slip up has to do w/ no carbs for dinner last night… body was craving them?  Anyway, I burned the fuck out of them cuz my tummy was rumbly when I left Spin Class…

Finally made it to “Endurance Cycle” at the Rec.  (I’m not cool enough to have a gym membership.)  It was… decent.  Definitely sweat my tits off.  Then, because spinning doesn’t really track well on Fitbit, I went for a 2.5 mile walk with Tim and Reilly.  Fuck my shins.  Tim and I went shopping at the Outlet Mall, I got some new scrimmage shirts at Nike that I’m pretty excited about…  came home, and the three of us napped.  Then I went to the grocery store.

Holy eff, I spent sooo much money.  Got quinoa and bulk wild rice.  Some… Keffir? milk stuff for a smoothie recipe I found…  Pom for another smoothie recipe, kale and spinach and avocados and veggies and fruit…  (I ❤ Pink Lady apples, and they’re in season, so we’re totally stocked on those, and some peaches.)  I spent more at Sprouts than I’ve ever spent.  Also got some anchovies per Frida’s (or was it Fanny’s?… both?) post last week…  they’re supposed to be so good for me.  Got a couple of cans of canned salmon (and three salmon filets) as well.  (Where the fuck are “loxx?” btw? Aisle #…?) If those anchovies I bought have bones in them (they’re Bumblebee brand,) I’m going to punch someone.  Ew. Yogurt, cottage cheese.  Managed to stay mostly out of the aisles, per Poi’s advice…

Dinner was really good.  I rubbed Tim’s NY strip steak with a Char Blackened seasoning I have from the Cayman Islands (my parents “live” there,) garlic seasoning, fresh ground black and red pepper.  (I had one piece.  It was soooo good and had a great burn to it.)  Made myself a grilled salmon filet (and Tim cooked it perfectly,) with the juice of one lemon, it’s zest, black pepper, and garlic seasoning.  Mmmmmm….  And then I made the Quinoa recipe.  I added too much Red Pepper flake…  it was good, but the burn overpowered the roasted garlic flavor, and since roasting garlic is time-consuming, that was a little irritating.  Plus, both of Tim’s dishes had the same red-pepper burn.  I was hoping he’d rock some of my Habanero Fire-in-Your-Hole sauce with his meal, but he didn’t.  😦  Oh well.

Wine.  Fuck.  I may have to do the TBT thing instead of the PBT (Partial Body Transformation) and give up the wine…  Sooo damn many calories.  I’m over on caloric intake two days in a row now, despite eating really well.  I don’t need to lose the 10lbs, but having Bijou abs. would be pretty sweet, and my Fitbit site tells me I’ve lost 5.8 since January (keep in mind January was post-holiday season.)  Anyway, about 10 to go to get to 150.  It would be nice to loose that extra hip/tummy fat…  Right?  I’m so torn. Help!!

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