I don’t even know.


  • 4 mile roll w/ Reilly!  Yay!
  • Wall sits during assembly
  • Calf raises during assembly
  • 1 mile walk w/ Reilly… ugh.


  • Breakfast: honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, coffee, nonfat creamer
  • Snack: Protein Chewy Bar, Yogurt w/ Granola & fruit, banana
  • Lunch: Gatorade G2, Leftover Pasta
  • Snack: String Cheese, White Wine Seltzer
  • Dinner: Orange Chicken, Steamed Stir-Fry Veggies, Red wine

Okay, so I think I overate a bit.  Fitbit says I’m way over on calories (500+) if I intend to meet my goal of losing 10 pounds in three months.  So… I will take Reilly on another walk here in a few minutes, and hopefully that will increase my available caloric intake some.  I think maybe I overate since I skipped dinner the past two days in a row…

For dinner, Tim wanted Orange Chicken, which we usually eat with white rice.  I didn’t pick any Quinoa up yet, so I made steamed veggies and had those instead of the rice.  So… even though I’m over on calories, that’s good, right?

Reilly and I went for the roll by the river on the East Plum Creek Trail I’ve been trying to take her on.  We went about 4miles, per the trail map (fitbit doesn’t accurately track rolling…)  Reilly ran the whole time, but for some reason, she’s still being a crack head…the extra mile walk will be good for her.  I guess.

Today we had our homecoming assembly at school.  Good end to a rough week.  Our UNIFIED sports team (the severe needs special education kids) did a dance (all the sports teams do,) and just like every year, all 1800 of the other students stood up, cheered, chanted, and were genuinely excited and supportive of their classmates.  So cool to see.  They also raised $6,000 for a little girl with down syndrome and leukemia for the Make a Wish Foundation.  The family and the little girl (Addison) came to the assembly, but because loud noises startle Addison, 1800 kids silently waved their “spirit fingers” at her instead of clapping and cheering and generally being loud.  So cool. (Tears in the eyes, cool.  Both events.) Anyway, standing on the side of the gym supervising, I did some calf raises and wall sits.

The kid on the bottom left in the orange is my boy Chase.  If you didn’t know, my brother is a quadriplegic, so I have a special place in my heart for kids in chairs.  Chase is just wicked cool.  (His chair is lime green.)  He came by one day, and I showed him a video of my brother, Matt, crowd-surfing at a Strung Out concert in Montreal (@1:45), and Chase told me he rocks his wheel chair at the skate park!  I told him to bring me a video, I wanna see.  He hasn’t yet.


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    sunnyd605 said,

    How many calories are you trying to stick to? It doesn’t seem like you overate….

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