FML Squared

Work day: 6:30am-3:15pm, then 5:15pm-9:15pm (I run the Volleyball scoreboard, and their games went long last night–but we won!)

Exercise: 1 mile walk with Reilly.


  • Honey Nut Cheerios & 1% milk
  • Coffee w/ fat free creamer
  • Protein Chewy Bar
  • 20 oz. Coke Zero (I had a migraine.  Caffeine & Aspirin make them go away, and I’m too cheap to buy Excedrin.)
  • Swirl (Choco-Vanilla) Frozen Yogurt
  • Gatorade G2
  • Leftover Pasta (Chicken, Olive Oil, Wheat Spaghetti, Tomatoes, Peas, Mushrooms, Parmesan Cheese, etc)
  • Apple
  • 20 oz water (yeah, I sucked at this yesterday)

I’m completely paranoid and losing it.  There’s a battle between the DCSD School Board and the DCFT (Teacher’s Union) which the school board no longer recognizes as a legitimate entity.  My supervisor has told me I am now expected to put in 44hr. weeks (I am paid for 35hr weeks.)  And this does not include stuff like volleyball last night.  He wants me working 7am-4pm in the library everyday.  When I told him I can’t, he said “why?”  Why?  I have a life.  Uggghh. There is no way I could have stayed til 4pm yesterday and taken care of Reilly.  Even staying til 3:15 I was unable to properly care for her (this put me home at 4:00pm, and leaving to return at 4:40pm)  The thing that’s really killing me is that if I were coaching a sport and taking care of my children…  this request never would have been made.  But since I play a sport, one he sees as illegitimate, and have a dog… I should be married to my work.  Oh, and since the district no longer recognizes the union, yes, yes he can make me work as much as he wants.  Besides which, saying no is akin to saying “fire me,” anyway, right?

His compromise is for me to stay til 4pm twice a week.  I can’t on Mon/Wed and be on time to practice, and if you’ve met me, you know I am never late to practice.  Besides which, I’d be leaving Castle Rock during rush hour.  Can’t do that.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I often work basketball or volleyball games, etc.  I can’t stay late on those days either.  The only way I can stay til 4pm is to give those things up.  Being a high school librarian, finding “face time” with kids is extremely difficult.  And no one gets into education for the money, we all get into it for the kids.  The worst part about my first year here is that the kids didn’t trust me, they didn’t like me, and they had no reason to get to know me or change their minds.  Working the clock at their games has shown them that I care.  They see me at events.  We talk about their games.  It’s my “in.”  I really don’t want to give it up. Then again… if I do… and I work 8am-4pm on Tues/Thurs…  I could hit the spin class at the gym before work…  and that would be great…

And now for an end to this seriously terrible horribly awful really bad three day week.


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    sunnyd605 said,

    that’s really tough. i’m sorry they are being so ridiculous.

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