The best laid plans of Reilly and Menace…

… oft go awry?

I scheduled a shit ton of doctor’s appts. and thus had today off.  I planned to get up early and take Reilly on a roll down by the river since it’s not a weekend and therefore not busy, after dropping Paris (the cat) off for his teeth cleaning appointment.  That all went as planned.  Just as Reilly and I were getting our roll on, (it’s a nice, flat, wide trail.  I’ve been dying to roll with Reilly there,) I went to dig in with my left foot.  Unfortunately, I had nothing to dig with.  I tumbled head over heels, somehow not injuring the dog and only scoring a bit of rink rash and a torn set of Nike running tights (*sigh.*  Apparently things that cover my ass just aren’t for me.)  My wheel had flown off.  Then Reilly and I had the pleasure of searching for a freaking eternity (15 mins) for first my wheel, then my bearings (they had dislodged themselves.)  The nut turned up near the second bearing, so I was able to screw my wheel back on loosely.  (I had also managed to damage my axle, because it also ate concrete.)  I made Reilly pull me back to the car.  (Which was very nice, b/c Reilly normally won’t pull me, but she seemed to understand I was injured and my skate broken.) Our roll was definitely less than a mile.  Sad day.  I’d planned for 5-6. Also, my knee is a bit jacked up, so my spin class plans had to be cancelled (it’s tender, a smidge swollen, and stiff.)  I’m really lucky I didn’t eff up my elbow (famous last words to myself: “I’m not going to fall, I don’t need elbow pads!” Also, thank my senses for wearing running capri tights.  I’m not happy they’re ruined, but I do prefer the tights being ruined to me having concrete-rash all the way up my leg.

So I went home and cleaned myself up, ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with 1% milk with a cup of coffee and nonfat half-and-half.  (Go Menace!)  Then I headed to see my Primary Care Physician.  I seriously loathe them.  I went for my chronic stomach problems (*cough*diarrhea*cough.*) I was prescribed some kind of pill (*rolls eyes*).  I hate pills, but whatever.  Hopefully they will help.  I am to take 1-6 daily for the rest of my life.  Awesome.  Fuckhole.  I returned home for lunch consisting of a tuna sandwich on wheat bread with cheddar cheese, cucumber slices, an apple, and water. Then I headed to the dentist. (Anyone else see the irony of Paris and I sharing dental dates?  …No? That’s ok.)  I then went to see Dr. Boreman.  I brought him some of the habanero sauce I made Saturday.  Hopefully he likes it.  My hips have been doing so well, but yesterday after exercising and then doing plow stops, my hips popped in and out of place all night while I was trying to sleep.  (This used to happen when my back hurt all the time, so I figured I better try doing something about it while I had the day off.)  While plow stopping yesterday, they were popping.  It seemed to freak Ho J out.  Teehee.  I picked Paris up from the vet and came home.

Then I came home and decided that since I was skipping spin class, I’d make my wonderful husband a lovely dinner.  I picked fresh cherry and yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden, and herbs (oregano, basil, and sage.)  I pureed the herbs with olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic, salt, pepper, and some lemon juice.  I sliced the tomatoes and some mushrooms.  I boiled wheat spaghetti noodles with frozen peas while I whipped up a lemon pepper chicken marinade and grilled chicken.  I mixed it all together and topped it with parmesan cheese.  Tim is usually home at 6:00 after tennis practice.  At 6:15 I text him, wondering where he was (dinner still cooking.)  I then poured him a gin and tonic, expecting him to walk through the door any minute.  He didin’t.  6:30 text: “I’m finishing my last match at Regis.”    Fucking men, man.  WTF?  They seriously suck.  If you’re going to be home late, you fucking tell your wife.  I’m so mad.   On the bright side: my pseudo pesto was fucking delicious.  DE-LI-CIOUS.  Yum.  I’m enjoying it with some red wine.  Alone.  And that’s okay.  Maybe I’ll enjoy some “me” time, too, since ass-wad didn’t feel like coming home to eat it.  (Yes, pun intended.)  After I post this & my food on, I’ll pack tomorrow’s lunches and clean up the kitchen.  I would love to be motivated to do some push ups, arms, and ab work since my bum knee prevented me from doing the exercise I’d planned for today, and I’m super busy the next two days.  But there’s that motivational hazard.   Plus, the wine has already got me tonight…  I may be a lost cause.  I seriously blow at this TBT business (pun intended AGAIN.  bwahahaha.)


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    sunnyd605 said,

    You make me giggle 🙂

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