Well friends, I’ve gone and sharted myself. Eggs are evil.

Here are my before pictures, enjoy:

And my measurements:

  • Weight 160.4
  • Chest: 38
  • Waist: 31
  • Hips: 39.5
  • Thigh: 22.5
  • Calf: 15
  • Bicep: 11
  • Forearm: 9.5
  • Neck: 14


  • Reilly and I went for a 3.6mile walk!  The thought that jogging may provide an easier option than Spin class for improving my endurance crossed my mind.  We were headed downhill, so I tested that theory out.  It did not kill me.  I did it a few more times throughout the walk…  unpleasant business.
  • Ab-cercises & Yoga-ish.  Some stretching and yoga-ish stuff.  3 sets of front and side planks (30 seconds). 3 sets of 20 weighted (10lbs) kayakers, 3 sets of 20 side pulley things (10lbs.), 100 crunches.  10 push-ups on my TOES, 3 sets of 20 donkey-kickers, 3 sets of 10 dog-pissers (these nearly killed me and forced more yoga-ish and stretching.)
  • 2 hr AJ-run derby practice followed by 1hr Contenders (w/ FC?) practice.


Reilly was doing the whiny-yelly thing when Tim left for tennis at 7:45 so I had to get up to walk her…  keep in mind I’m a bit hungover from beers yesterday.  I wanted to take her fora 3-4 mile roll down by the river, but decided that being Labor Day, I might not find parking (there’s only like 8 spots) so we went on a super long walk instead.  Because she was all excited and annoying, I quickly ate a Luna Bar and drank a glass of water.

After the walk, I drank a Gatorade G2 (does this count as my water intake, what do you guys think?)  and drank a glass of water.

After my workout, I was hungry and decided to make breakfast.  I made a veggie loaded omelette just like yesterday, except I could not leave the yolks out today.  (I only had two eggs left, and poked the yolks when trying to remove them.  Alas.)  And coupled the omelette with a slice of buttered wheat toast, a banana, and more water.  Immediate diarrhea.  (Hence the sharting.) Yesterday I got a little sick, but it was an hour or so after I ate the omelette, and it wasn’t as… um… icky. (Because I’ve had my gallbladder removed, I have lots and lots of digestive problems that present themselves in this manner.) The gallbladder aids in the digestion of fatty foods, without it, I have trouble digesting fats.  I *think* the egg yolks are what’s doing me in.  I also have difficulty digesting spicy foods, and the omelette included a jalapeno both days (it tasted much spicier yesterday, though… so I dunno.)  Anyway, the thing that kills me is: foods that include eggs never make me sick (cakes, meatloaf, etc.)  Also, McDonalds and Starbucks sausage egg sandwiches never make me sick… neither do homemade egg sandwiches…  Only when I make eggs at home.  And the eggs weren’t expired, I checked.  So I dunno what to think about that, but I do think I need to limit yolk exposure when I eat eggs.  I think that helps.  (My omelette included two eggs with yolks… maybe I can handle one yolk, just not two…)  Ugh.  Even post-poo my tummy really hurts.  😦

For a late lunch…  I have leftover Jambalaya from yesterday.  Cheat day food.  Ugh.  I tried two things at the restaurant.  1) eating my entire meal so as not to eat cheat food on a day off.  I know, seems counter-intuitive, but I usually finish my meals anyway, so it wasn’t that out of the ordinary.  The Jambalaya conquered me.   So I’ll have to finish it today.  The other thing I tried doing was ordering healthy, even though it was my “cheat” day.  I was cheating with beer, so I wanted healthy food.  Yeah, mental note: the Yardhouse doesn’t have healthy food.  Oi.  I’ll couple that with some almonds, and a tuna sandwich.  We’ll see how hungry I am.  I may make myself eat knowing I have practice and usually don’t eat after practice.  (Plus I don’t want practice to kill me.)   Then I’ll have my 3hr practice, and I’ll probably snack on a banana and my Cliff Shot Bloks between/before.  Then I’ll come home and likely have the mandatory pre-sleep glass of 1% milk w/ chocolate syrup.   And then bed.

Overall, I think today is shaping up to be a pretty decent TBT day for me.  (Go Mean@$$!)  I’m toying with the idea of evening spin class tomorrow…  I do need to go.

And in closing: Conjoined Tulips, how cool?  (Timmy bought me tulips for driving him the other night.  How sweet.  

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    sunnyd605 said,

    i think a lot of times when you buy egg sandwiches at starbucks or mcdonalds they aren’t real eggs…. they are some sort of egg substitute. maybe that’s the difference?
    and you are right about the yardhouse. there is one across the street from my work and even something that looks innocent like a half sandwich and soup is like 2,000 calories and full of sodium and crap. sad.

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