Fitbit + TBT = a force to be reckoned with. Yeee-ah.

Remember how I dropped my husband off in Parker last night?  Then picked him and his drunk ass friend up and drove them home?  Tim then slept upstairs so that he could “sleep in.”  The puppy got up at 5:00am, and because Tim usually gets up with her, proceeded to whine at me and jump on me until I finally got up (around 7:00am).  Bitch.  I figured I might as well walk her.  As I rounded the corner of her the park, I had the sudden urge to continue onward, doubling the length of my walk.  Between the fitbit and TBT, I did it.  On a practice day.  Woot woot.  We just got home from our 2.5mile walk.

Breakfast.  Are eggs bad?  Am I allowed to eat eggs?  I love eggs over easy and buttery toast.  But that nearly always gives me explosive liquid diarrhea.  I also got some “lite” turkey sausage egg sammies at the grocery yesterday.  I’m thinking a hearty meal before scrimmage is just what I need.  After scrimmage, Tim and I have plans to go drinking with friends, so I suppose today is my “cheat” day anyway (though I know some people *cough*Frida*cough* think I cheat every day.)  I’m going to drink beer.  I did not finish my bottle of wine last night, and I did not have any martinis though I did jam on several garlic/jalapeno stuffed olives.  Yum yum yum.  And, while a holiday, I won’t drink tomorrow.  Practice, and whatnot.

So here’s my big dilemma.  I’m having an identity crisis.  Jammer?  Blocker?  First period Fight Club vs. the world.  I nearly always end up jamming for them, which is such a treat.  (Seriously, the first time Fiona asked me I was so honored.)  But…  because of my piss poor endurance and my ennui around improving it, I’m wondering if I’m truly a jammer.  I’m okay at blocking.  So last week I decided I wanted to block against FC, see how I did.  Which didn’t work out b/c no one else offered to jam.  Which turned out okay because I found something other than endurance to work on when I jam for a line of blockers like that: looking for my “O.”  I ignore, sometimes even avoid, my own players when I jam.  I realized last week during regular scrimmage that it’s because nearly everyone save FC will stand back and watch their jammers fight rather than provide that “O.”  Even Contenders (I watched several do it.)  Unfortunately, before I realized how seriously bad I am at anticipating my offense, I had decided I needed to jump the apex.  I’ve never done it.  I didn’t do it last week.  EPiC fail.  😦  So, this week, I shall see about jamming for them and focus on paying attention to/taking my  “O.”  My luck, that means I’ll be blocking against them.  😉  Which is ok, too, since I still do want to see how I do blocking against them, figure out what to work on.  (Latest and greatest advice: Die is the “O” thing.  Cruelie, who thinks I should not focus solely on jamming or blocking yet, says my stride is weird when I jam (I agree, my skates are fucked, my new bonts should be here in the next few weeks, so I’m waiting to work on that) and I too often hit using my shoulder.)  So when I block today: it’s all in the hips, baby.

Why?  I don’t know.  It’s silly, I get that.  But I’ve never done it, and I watch jammers on other leagues who I should be better than do it, and it kills me a little.  I went to Thursday PM vs. CRR scrimmage (CRR is my old league.)  We (PM) owned them.  I left at half time partly because I felt a little douche-y owning them so hard (that’s not to say PM was being douchey, just that I wasn’t going to take it down a notch against my old league-mates.)  One of their skaters, whose shadow I lived in for the duration of my tenure there, jumped the apex during this scrimmage.  A girl I loathe from Naughty Pines (now Cheyenne) jumps the apex.  I need to do it.  It’s my turn.  That’s why I know I’m going tomorrow to practice.  Since there’s no school, I can go early and practice it before anyone gets there.

Back to TBT.  I’m warming up slowly, I know, but I’m warming up.  Tomorrow I’ll need to do some core work and/or yoga/wii active squat business.  Endurance improvement ideas?  Anyone?


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    poipoundher said,

    Eggs are really good for us! Eggs contain all 20 proteogenic amino acids required for protein synthesis! It’s a complete protein which means it is easily absorbed by the body. But if it gives you diarrhea…maybe you might be intolerant? I would listen to your body.
    PS- I think you are an amazing jammer and blocker! If you want you can practice jumping me on the apex : )

  2. 7

    Thanks, Poi! And I might take you up on that. I’m going early today, and had asked Sweets to help me w/ my plow stopping, if she’s there early (they were unsure) and if not/in addition, I’ll be jumping a cone. But a body would be way better!

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