Goodbye cherry coke, with your 260 calorie fizzy deliciousness. I will miss you dearly.

Alright, TBT round two . First: my goals.  Let’s see.

  1. Improve Endurance
  2. Eat/drink healthier.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Weigh closer to 150 than 160.

Well, first and foremost I’d like to last longer than two weeks this go.  My endurance is total shit.  Like serious total shit.  And I’m slow.  And I’m supposed to be a jammer or something, so I should definitely work on that.  Motivation is hard.  I can go to spin class Saturday mornings at 8am, but I always come up with an excuse not to go.  The other problem I see is that I have lower back pain that is at times unbearable.  It hasn’t been an issue since early summer, so perhaps it won’t be now.  However, when I go to spin class to improve my endurance, my back starts to ache all the time and I quit going.  Which leads me to believe I should be working on my core.  So.  Perhaps Core work/Yoga/Spin class.  Yes?

Second… I kind of drink a lot.  A lot a lot.  And enjoy a few empty calories here and there (cherry cola anyone?) I eat okay… other than when I rock a bag of taffy or stick my finger in the 4lb tub of Philly Cream Cheese and lick it.  (nom nom nom.)  So.  Stop being a douche and eating shit all the damn time.  And fuck cherry cola when I can clearly need to be rocking the H20-yeah!    And then there’s the wine.  With it’s purple fruity spicy deliciousness that helps me sleep.  Oh, the sweet nectar of dreams.  I will not give you up.  I will limit you.  I can perhaps eliminate beer save my cheat day…  and martinis as well.  (Oh sweet, sensuous vodka and olives.  I will miss you.)

And…  yeah.  So I have my fitbit and this really cool wifi fitbit scale that I step on most mornings.  I cheer in my head when it’s below 160.  So I guess I will try to loose some weight.  But not my curves.  I like my curves.  Women should be curvy. I think.

For today, since it is the 31st:  cherry coke, donuts, and so much beer at my FF draft that I am incapable even of stumbling home.  Oh and homemade jalapeno poppers and other crap.  That is all.

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    rowdy said,

    oh yea, this is going to be entertaining. I’m rooting for ya. Cutting out the Cherry Coke and bringing on the H20 will definitely make it easier to last through sprinting at practice.

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