Off the wagon

Alright, I’ve fallen off the wagon.  With the loss of my fitbit, I’m lacking the will to strive forward.  Why walk up those stairs?  Fitbit won’t know.

I had a healthy breakfast/lunch yesterday (cereal & banana, then veggies)  but seriously craved pizza and rocked four pieces of Barbeque Chicken Hawaiian from Papa John’s for dinner.  Including that delicious butter garlic sauce.  Plus no exercise yesterday.  Go me.

Today, healthy breakfast, but on my boss’s secretary’s desk, where I have just returned from, a jar of candy with reece’s and almond joy.  *drools.*  I indulged in both.  I know.  I’m sorry.  But…  I’m having a serious case of the winter blues today.  I woke up thinking “what’s the point?”  You know, like, the meaning of life style.

We are media-cized to want to grow up, get married, get a house, a dog, and kids.  I’m not doing the kids thing.  I’ve got the hubby and the puppy and a good job, a good job that hasn’t given raises in five years.  Or even cost-of-living increase.  So that’s depressing.  Yes, I enjoy derby, and I have my derby goals… but…  I dunno.  Just kinda BLEH today.  I know, I know, poor me.  I’ve got scabies face still (not literally–see my previous posts.  Sick + dry skin + kleenex = scab-y face = scabies.)

Anyone have ideas for the “why-i-should-get-another-fitbit” argument with my husband?  I’m lost without it.  *sigh.*


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  1. 1

    batchick said,

    I think the fit bit is the coolest thing ever! Tell your hubby you have to get one to impress me ;-P

    *btw* you ~ do ~ get handsy when you’re drunk. Lol.

  2. 4

    So after reading all about your fitbit I had to check out what this thing was. And your reasoning with your husband is that it’s f-ing cool as shit!! I so want one!! I will be talking my husband into one very soon!!

  3. 5

    Andrea said,

    Tracking can offer good motivation, but you have goals beyond that, right?

    Forget the FitBit. You should get one of these!

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