Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Yeah, so yesterday was a horrible day.  Prom was wicked fun, but I, of course, had too much to drink and when I drink I get handsy, so….  yeah.

I got up, had my standard breakfast, did some yoga and abs, then went to scrimmage.  Still sick, so I did okay.  Then I got home, and my husband was yelling at the puppy, who had been in her crate all day, and was super hyper.  So…  sick, post-scrimmage, tired, needed to prepare for the prom Menace took the dog on a nice long walk.

… where I promptly lost my fitbit.  😥  I didn’t realize it til I got home, and then I went on my walk backwards, and forwards, and backwards forwards again until it was getting dark and I had to go home and get ready for last night.  It’s gone.  So sad.  It had such a short life and was so well loved.



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