I guess I forgot yesterday?

Hmmm…  I don’t do routine well.  I think I forgot to post yesterday.

Let’s see.  While home sick Wed, I made tortilla chicken soup, which I had leftovers of for lunch Thurs really late in the day (1:45.).  It made me sick.  Tummy sick.  I had a Cholecystectomy last spring (took my gallbladder out) so I don’t digest fats as well.  The tortillas in that soup are tortilla strips brushed with vegetable oil and baked.  I’m thinking that was the culprit.  Anyway, as a result, no dinner.  Couple sips of wine, but only b/c my husband was being sweet and poured me a glass before I got home…  had to be done.

Yesterday was a relatively good day.  I had a district librarian meeting, which sucks because the other librarians hate me and are mean to me (no really.)  Fortunately, I sat with the boys so no one was mean to me (yes, yes I did just type that.)  I ate well.  Normal breakfast, veggies and an apple and cottage cheese for lunch.  Then I left early (1pm) and walked the dog for 40 mins.  I got home and felt miserable.  Like terrible. But I had to work my school’s basketball games last night, so I took extra meds, sucked it up, and went to school.

Sophomore game I effed a ton of stuff up and was falling asleep and snotty and I felt so shitty.  Then I ate a subway–turkey this week, so actually healthy.  And 6″.  I felt way better, which was weird, I thought.  So I made it through the rest of the night then came home and crashed.

Woke up this morning feeling shitty.  Again.  My throat’s a little sore today, I think just from breathing through the mouth at night.  Either way it sucks.  What’s worse, though, is I have really dry face skin, esp in the winter time, already…  with this cold.  It’s effing terrible . I look like I have smallpox of the nose area.  I have to put vaseline or antibiotic ointment on it all the time to keep it from cracking and bleeding. Miserable.  And tonight: prom.  Ugh.  Nobody wants to be ugly for prom.  😥

Anyway, I have EPIC-ally failed at my lower back/ab/yoga exercises this week.  Ok, ok, I’be been sick.  (And thus also less active as a result.)  But still: I have to do those, otherwise I experience terrible back pain at practice.  So.  I need to get on it.  Which means now, b/c I have to leave for scrimmage soon.  So.  I’m going to do that, go to scrimmage, then spend the rest of the day cheating the hell out of this TBT bullshit at Prom.  Hopefully.  We’re eating there, and I LOVE fish and chips.  If you read all of this, you know that I don’t digest oil.  Fish and Chips are not only unhealthy, they make me wicked-sick.  But I loooooove them….

Decisions decisions.

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