Orange JUICE

Ok, so I was sick yesterday and didn’t do any activities.  Tried to lay around as much as possible so as to be well enough for practice tonight.  I drank a RIDICULOUS amount of Orange Juice.  Like a half gallon.  At least.  I ate healthy…  I think.  I had veggies and hummus for lunch, a grapefruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, and homemade Chicken Tortilla  Soup for dinner.  Delicious.  Recipe: I use a larger can of green chile instead of a small can and water, and I used black beans instead of corn (we didn’t have much corn.)

Today is going smoothly.  Sort of.  I am still sick, but literally I woke up like death yesterday and just a little stuffy/headache-y this morning.  Anyway, had my usual breakfast and snack… kind of.  I had a tangelo and tried to have a yogurt.  Trouble is, my friend had the same kind about a month ago (Yoplait) and found a spider in it.  (No joke, I saw the spider, this isn’t like a “she said” it’s a “and then she pulled her spoon out of the container with a spider on it.)  Blech.  Well… I took a bite (and you have to understand I have a love-hate relationship with yogurt as it is, the texture sometimes grosses me out) and… it was all.. crusty.  Blech Blech Blech.  So the second half of the yogurt is sitting next to me uneaten.  It was cherry, too.  *sigh*  I love cherry.

Anyway, I’ll leave work early, walk the dog, then go to practice.  Probably a quick (25-35 min) walk today.  I need to get back with my lower back/ab exercises and yoga stretches.  Won’t have time tomorrow, either, since I’m running the bball scoreboard all night.  *Sigh.*


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