And today

Sunday was a wash, so we’re just going to pretend it didn’t happen.  Let’s just say it involved no exercise and an 8 pack of regular beer.  I did eat a chicken sandwich for lunch instead of a burger, though …

Monday.  Food:  I did awesome on food.  I was way under on calorie intake and all of it healthy, and no booz for once.  I consumed just over 1200 calories, mostly fruits and vegetables and some cottage cheese/milk.  Granted, leaving for practice at 430 and returning at 10 helps with that…

Exercise: I did good yesterday.  Reilly and I went on a long walk, where we discovered (for Reilly’s first time) prairie dogs.  That was unpleasant for me, but entertaining for her.  We walked a little less than an hour at a moderate pace.  Then I had practice.  Holy SheWho.  Lots of squats and… what were they called…  rolling lunges?  My ass hates SheWho today, which means it will hate her even more tomorrow.  I was really stiff trying to sleep last night.

In other news, I am getting sick.  Ok I am sick.  As soon as I sat in the car yesterday I felt the scratchiness in my throat and my swollen lymph nodes.  Today I’m wicked sneezy and sore throaty and my head hurts and waaaahhhhhhhhhh.   😦  I’m torn between a couple of things.  I often leave work early.  Especially now with the puppy.  Well.  Today is not a day I need to leave early, so I should not.  But I sooooooo want a nap.  Need a nap.  Also, the puppy.  I should walk her.  I should do some yoga/abs.  But I feel like shit.  Motivation, come on, I need you today.


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