I feel I have done well today.

I did yoga & ab work, then scrimmaged, then walked the dog for 50 minutes.  Woot woot.

I ate a toasted bagel with butter and a glass of juice for breakfast and a Jimmy John’s sub for lunch with a cherry/diet coke combo and some Kraken rum.  (The Kraken is the shit btw.)  I can eat 1167 more calories today, according to fitbit!

It’s now 7:30, and I’ve not eaten since lunch, but I also haven’t drank.  Which, as I think we all know, is a huge accomplishment for Menace.  I’m probably going to pour myself something here soon.  And have something (hopefully healthy-ish) to eat.

Oh–and I’ve lost more weight!  Granted my “monthly gift” (who the fuck came up with that euphemism, btw?  “gift” my ass. pfft) came today, but still.  Down to 160, which is where I was pre-holiday season.

Tomorrow will be a challenge.  I am going to scrimmage, but to NSO.  I’ve yet to make Sundays.




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