I think Frida is going to kill me.  That is a literal fear that I have.  I decided to have a bagel for breakfast.  As I made that decision, I heard Frida’s voice telling me not to give in.  But… well…  I hit Costco and King Soopers pre-TBT and I’m not well off enough that I can not eat the food I bought.  So.  Bagel.  As I was toasting it, thinking about which method Frida would likely use, one half of my bagel burned.  Not even a little.  A lot.  The whole thing, black.  Friday the 13th and all…  I decided that was Frida’s doing.  I ate it anyway.  With butter.  Delicious.  (I am having a love affair with butter.  I see no end in sight… but I fucking love that stuff… all melty and warm on a toasty bagel…. I’m drooling just thinking of it.  mmmm… butter.)

Took today off of work.  Was very active, and am thanking my fitbit for that.  I did my yoga/light ab work in the morning, then played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution,) then visit my derby wife and made sweet bearing necklaces, then took the dog for a long walk.

But then… my husband wanted to take me to dinner. He never takes me to dinner.  We went to Carlos Miguel’s.  (Mexican.)  We had guacamole tableside, which I’ve always wanted (they make it at your table!!! So cool, and fresh, and delish.)  I know Avocados are fattening… but it’s good fat.  And my muscles are sore today, so clearly I need the potassium.  Anyway, I tried to order healthy.  I ordered Salmon with veggies and rice.  The salmon was WAY overcooked (it was like a brick!), the vegetables DRIPPING in butter (to the point that it grossed even me out), and the rice… well.  Mexican rice isn’t real healthy I don’t think.

I had one bite of each and after an argument with Tim, sent it back.  (I do NOT send food back. I don’t want to eat a lugie or some shit.)  Anyway, I ended up not ordering a meal.  Just had two margs and the guac and chips.  Surprisingly, I’m not way over on calories (yet) and I do feel full.  I’m actually glad that my meal worked out the way it did.  I wasn’t hungry after the guac.

Anyway, now for some hubby time.  And beer.  And maybe wine… or liquor.  *blinks.*  Frida really is going to kill me, I think…

The necklaces I made:


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    Boosh said,

    Wow, it looks like you’re well on your way to reaching your goals of:
    Improving your overall muscle strength. (Esp. core/legs)
    Exercising at home every day–Yoga, Ab work, Wii, etc
    Eating well–healthy snacks, not junk food.
    (Insert sarcastic tone)
    I’m sure those 15 pounds are going to peel off with your current regiment. Please keep blogging about all your challenges, it is really inspiring to me and all the other TBTers that are reading your entries.
    keep up the hard work!

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