Day 11


Yesterday didn’t go so well.  I was super excited that Subway would be open during the basketball games I had, so I got a footlong Spicy Italian.  Apparently those are bad for you.  See, my cheapness fights with my eating well-ness.  *blinks.*  Like.  I would have rather had a turkey sub anyway, which would have been healthier, but those are not $5.  And sure, I should have had a 6″…. but…  well, you don’t get a 6″ for $2.50…

Anyway, something’s gotta give.  My pants are fitting tight, and while I agree with Suzy Hotrod, who wrote an article (or was interviewed or something) saying how when you play derby and your pants fit tigher, you’re like “yeah!” because it means you’re getting stronger, as opposed to “shit!” because it means you’re getting fatter.

It’s just that… well… I usually weigh a solid 160.  I think I wrote that yesterday.  Anyway, I’m a bit on the heavy side at the moment, and my pants are fitting tightly, and I’m not entirely sure it’s thigh and ass muscle as opposed to fat tummy.  😦

So, I pretty much sit on my ass all day at work.  I had no steps/calories yesterday, except when I walked the dog.  Today I’m going to try to be more active. And then practice, of course.

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