Day… 8

So.  I was super sedentary today.  😦  League Retreat and all.  Also… I ate really well.  We’ll just say pasta salad and peanut butter chocolate were both involved.  Plus three coffees.  And leftover pizza.

I got home from the retreat and did take the puppy on a quick walk through the park.  She certainly appreciated it, and so will my ass.

As I am enjoying a glass of wine, I think I will reflect on my first TBT week.  I don’t think I’m doing so well.  I’m not re-evaluating my goals, they are good: fix my back, eat healthy, etc.  The inhaler seems to be working just fine for my breathing.  I’m not going to continue with my physical therapy.  Winona pointed out how jacked up my skater form is, and that most certainly is affecting my back.  I will work on pointing the right direction, and I need to start strengthening my lower core.  So.  On practice days, I want to do my yoga-esque stretching and on non-practice days I want to do my yoga-esque stretching PLUS core work.   Anyone have any lower core activities they’d like to share?

Additionally, I need to drink less alcohol and more water/gatorade/kool-aid.  My wine glasses are freaking huge.  I can stick to 2 max per night.

And…  I know it may not seem like it, but I do eat moderately healthy most of the time.  It’s just that I eat shit the rest of the time.  So I should probably stop eating shit.  (“You eat pieces of shit for breakfast”)

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