Day 6 that I think is supposed to be 7… I can’t count

Well.  After thinking about it more and talking to my husband… I think I may be lame and be a quitter and not go back to physical therapy.  My lower core is weak.  I can work on that myself if I just commit to it.  That’s where y’all come in!  Yesterday I should have done some ab work, but I chose to have happy hour instead.  Which would be fine if I hadn’t been a lazy ass earlier in the week and if I could think of some time tomorrow when I can do ab work, but I will be at the retreat most of the day and afterward I’ll need to get ready for my week.


Breakfast: Everything Bagel with Butter, 1/2 grapefruit, 4oz OJ

Lunch: Mac & Cheese with Meatballs, Fat Tire

Dinner: 3 Sam Adams, Nachos, 2 Jamaican Jerk Wings, 1/2 slice supreme pizza (@ Old C’s)


Some stretching before scrimmage, then scrimmage.

You may be picking up on the fact that I’m kind of lazy.  And I might drink a bit.  *blinks.*  My FitBit will track my sedentary time as well as my calories burned and sleep patterns.  In fact: check it out:

Before you make fun of me, I haven’t figured the time zone out yet.  I went to bed at 10.  (I know, still lame for a Friday night, but my work day starts at 6:45am.)  Anyway, since my new toy tracks my sedentary time, I’m hoping that will help motivate me to be sitting less.  Today I was sedentary for 7hrs. and 6mins.  See:


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    Elizabeth said,

    My mom wants a fitbit so bad! I can’t decide if I want to be a good daughter and buy her one.

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