Yeah.  So.  Yesterday… I sat on my fat ass all day and it was glorious.  I read my book.  I ate Hawaiian pizza for dinner…  a cheesy cheese bagel for lunch, and some of Costco’s Green Bean Salad for… snack.  I drank mimosas and beer.  Off to a great start.  😉

No, seriously…  I’m enjoying the last few days of my winter break and not quite focused on this TBT business.

Today, my goals were to set up some physical therapy sessions with the Castle Rock branch of Denver Physical Therapy.  Unfortunately, it’s a National Holiday or some bull crap, so I was unable to do that.

I had a delicious egg sandwich for breakfast, I’m sure breaking 98% of the TBT rules (but again, I’ll start taking this more seriously tomorrow…)  I did have a Fiber + whole wheat english muffin… an egg, some cheese, real butter, and mango-blood orange jelly.  Yes, I put jelly on my egg sandwiches.  It’s delectable.  I also had the last milk chocolate Lindor truffle  (you guys hate me yet?)

Shortly I’m heading to the grocery store where I will take my healthy eating goals seriously in purchasing some healthy lunches and work day snacks.  My husband and I also agreed to stop buying Dr. Pepper for our lunches in favor of Gatorade.

I’ll have some kind of something for lunchish when I get home.  Leftover pizza or tortellini most likely.  I’ll probably do some stretching to try to loosen my back up.  It’s still bothering me.   Then I’ll go to practice and have the shit kicked out of me, hating life for two hours (maybe?) but reveling in the glory of RMRG practices as I make the very long drive home.  It’s not “off season” any more, right?   That means ass kicking, yes?


PS: Anybody know why it says 7:00pm?  It’s clearly noon.  How do I fix it?


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